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Japan Swimming Beaches around Lake Hamana
The sea of Enshu, which the west coast of Shizuoka prefecture, is one of a beautiful coast which has a stretch of nice sandy beach and a deep blue sea.

Shinkansen Naruhodo Hakken Day
On July 21st, 22nd JR Tokai Shinkansen factory will be open to the public!

Hosoe shrine Gion festival
Hosoe shrine located in Hosoe-cho, North-ward, Hamamatsu-city worships the god of earthquake which is rare in Japan, it has a Gion festival in July every year.

2017 Fireworks Festival Schedule
During July and August, many fireworks events are planned throughout Japan. It is just so fantastic to see the contest of the fireworks of various sizes.

Go to the beer garden!
A beer garden is a beer hall or beer restaurant located outdoors. In Japan, it has become synonymous with the summer season.

Japan's kakigori or a shaved ice dessert
The history of Japan’s kakigori, or a shaved ice dessert, is surprisingly old and it is said to have already existed in the Heian period

Japan Fig Picking
The taste organically grown and free of pesticide is sweet and rich like jam.

Walking Kakegawa Castle town
Kakegawa Castle was called one of the best castles in Tokai region and the castle town around that has many historical buildings left from the old days

Japan Lake Hamana Fishing News
Because Lake Hamana (Hamanako) is a brackish lake, where freshwater and seawater mix

Japan Moon Viewing Party-Otsukimi-
There has been a tradition in Japan since ancient times called “Otsukimi.” Even here in Hamamatsu City, there are events

Lake Hamana art / craft fair
Every September Hamamatsu city sponsors the Lake Hamana art / craft fair. "Users" will be able to meet "producers", and experience the magnificence of handmade objects.

Shokunin-ichiba (Chefs Market) in Chitose
Shokunin-ichiba (Chefs Market) is an event where eating and drinking establishments around Chitose-cho get together to provide services at bargain prices.

Hamamatsu Jazz Week
This event, which aims for "music to be everywhere in the city, creating the city itself" has livened up Hamamatsu since 1992. It is famous across Japan and its main "Yamaha Jazz Festival" offers performances from internationally famous musicians.

Japan Autumn leaves in Hamamatsu
In Japan people have long enjoyed the custom of viewing autumn colors when they are in season, known as momiji-gari. The “gari” in momiji-gari comes from the Japanese word for hunt and

Hamamatsu Autumn Arts Festival
Hamamatsu Autumn Arts Festival will be held in the pedestrian paradise of Kajimachi Street. Three stages will appear along the street. The "Art Area" will build the future of Hamamatsu.

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