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Entetsu Highway Bus e-LineR
For trips from Hamamatsu, located along the Tomei Expressway, to neighboring cities, going by highway bus is one convenient method. If you have the time to spare, you can reach your destination while sitting in a comfortable seat, which is cheaper than go

The Shuriken Throwing Experience Dojo
Model Gun Shop Chitose Hamamatsu, situated a short walk from Hamamatsu station in the downtown business district (shopping mall district), is home to the Shuriken-Throwing Experience Dojo, where

Hamamatsu⇔Centrair Airport Bus e-wing
Comfortable transportation with no transfers, Japan's buses are clean.

Walking Kakegawa Castle town
Kakegawa Castle was called one of the best castles in Tokai region and the castle town around that has many historical buildings left from the old days

Japan Lake Hamana Fishing News
Because Lake Hamana (Hamanako) is a brackish lake, where freshwater and seawater mix

Tenryu Hamanako Railroad
Commonly known as the Tenhama Line, the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad is a rail line running along the north coast of Lake Hamana from Kakegawa Station

Historical materials provided at the Arai Sekisho History Museum Arai-juku was the 31st post station counting from Edo, out of 53 post stations along, the Tokaido, one of the five highways maintained during the Edo period.

Lake Hamana Flower Festa 2017
Around Lake Hamana and its environs that have a warm climate and it is known as a place of seasonal flowers to be proud of throughout the year.

As cherry blossoms, a national flower of Japan, begin to bloom, “Ohanami” scenes are seen in various parks. People come together and drink tea, alcohol, eat together and enjoy themselves under these beautiful flowers. There are numerous kinds of “Hana (

The Princess Road Procession (Hime-sama Dochu )
The Princess Road Procession is a festival that reproduces the travels by the daughters of noble families and feudal lords on Himekaido in the Edo Period.

Japan Food Experience Unagi Kabayaki
you can skewer Hamamatsu famous Unagi by yourself, dip in sauce, roast, and eat fresh

Take a break and explore the lake with a local
The Lake Hamana Service Area is one of popular service areas in Japan and is located at the midpoint between Tokyo and Osaka. This is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy

Yuya no Nagafuji
Yuya no Nagafuji, located withing the precincts of Gyokoji Temple in Iwata City, is renowned for its clusters of

Golden Week Events
Every year, Many events are held during G.W. (Golden Week : early-May holiday season in Japan). You would probably be able to make a lot of good memories in Hamamatsu.

Japanese Depachika at Entetsu Department Store
In the basements of Japanese department stores are often food stores and they are nicknamed as “depachika,” a combination of “depa” which is a short form for department store and “chika” which means underground in Japanese.

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