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Hamamatsu Pedal
There are many kinds of bikes such as road bikes, cross bikes, mini velos and more.

Nakatajima Dune
Known as the Enshunada seashore it spreads as far as the eye can see and fumon (wind-wrought pattern) which is drawn on the surface of the sand by the strong wind from the sea

You can enjoy a vast amount of blooming lilies (2 million flowers of 150 different kinds) at Kasui-yurinosono next to Kasuisai in Fukuroi city in Shizuoka prefecture.

Japan Fruits picking
Thanks to its long hours of sunlight and mild climate throughout the year, Hamamatsu, Japana is an ideal place for the cultivation of fruits.

Yumehana school
“Yumehana school” has an online class and a correspondence course in Ikebana for members, that even beginners can feel comfortable learning.

Hamamatsu-minami Seizakan WARA Café Papipon
An old residence converted into a community café in Yonezucho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, “Hamamatsu-minami Seizakan Café Smile Papipon” is a facility that can be used in various ways. Your own creative ideas can be realized, for example,

Hamanako Ground Golf Park
his is the first full-scale ground golf course in Japan designed by one of a pro golfer.

Kamoso Kachoen
It owns one of the best iris gardens in Japan. In this site, there is a shoya residence “Kamo-sou” which you can

Quick Hamana
Quick Hamana is a rental cart ground where you can experience the thrill of motorsports.

Tentengo Shibukawa
Tentengo Shibukawa is a facility where you can enjoy outdoor experiences while surrounded by nature.

Kakegawa Kachoen
Kakegawa-kachoen is a theme park where you can enjoy spending time with birds and/or looking at various flow

The hill of the scent "Chapia"
Shizuoka prefecture has climate which is suitable for tea leaf production and it is the best place for a tea-growing district in Japan. We produce the high quality tea by advanced production technologies.

Hamanako Garden Park
Hamanako Garden Park is a lush city park built on the site of the 2004 Pacific Flora Garden Exposition and the 21st National Urban Greenery Fair Shizuoka, where you can relax and enjoy the seasonal scenery.

Okuyama Kogen
Okuyama Kogen is a sightseeing botanical park rich with flora and fauna that spans across Mt. Tonmaku in the mountain ranges north of Hamamatsu city, overlooking the border of Aichi prefecture.

Hamanako Palpal
Hamanako Palpal is a resort-style amusement park with around 30 attractions located oån the banks of Lake Hamana.

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