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Takiya-Ryou (Night Fishing)

Special feature of Summer in Lake Hamana
Traditional fishing which continues over 100 years


At Lake Hamana in Hamamtsu city, there is a unique fishing way called "Takiya-Ryo" which continues over 100 years in this area. The fishing is done from May to September in the shallow area of the southern part of Lake Hamana. They put a ship off at sunset and catch sleeping fishes or hiding marine products by lightning under the water in the darkness. Lake Hamana is one of the famous brackish-water lake and has quiet waves, so that you can see the bottom of the lake well and there are many kinds of fish living in there. Also there are many shallow spots where they can spear with a harpoon so this fishing style was born and succeeded. You can bring the products you got home, but also you can eat them at "Takiya-tei" on the raft floating on the lake. The boatman on each raft cooks them to tempura or miso soup at "Takiya-tei". The seafood you eat on the lake is exceptional.


Period/ Fishing time
From Tuesday, May 15th to September
(The reservation starts on May first)
① Start at 7PM (Dinner at Takiya-tei is about 90 mins.)
② Start at 11PM (Dinner at Takiya-tei is about 90 mins.)
Capacity Cooking Charge Memo
One raft(※1)
(up to 4 adults)
No cooking ¥27,000 You can take all fish home. (※2)
Cooking available (※3)
(using Takiya-tei)
¥30,000 You can bring fish
which wasn't cooked home. (※2)
If you want to dine on raft only
(Only available to those participating in Takiya fishing · Space limited)
Adult (Jr. high and more) ¥3,000 /
children ¥1,500 / baby FREE
Cancellation fee ¥10,000 per boat if canceled two or fewer days prior
(※1) If you want kids to ride together, the combination of <2 adults plus 3 kids><3 adults plus 2 kids> are only available. In that case you need to pay additional 2,000 yen. (If one of the five passengers is an infant, the additional charge is not needed.)
The combination of <1 adult and 4 kids> is not available because we cannot guarantee an enough safety.
(※2) If you want to take fish home, please take care of it by yourself. Please bring a cooler box or refrigerant.
(※3) The dishes offered at Takiyatei consist only of seafood. It is allowed to bring drinks or foods into the "Takiya-tei". (such : Rice balls, bread)

several options
Interpreting service ¥15,000 per interpreter
※We recommend one interpreter per raft(each raft holds 20 people).
※The translation service is offered only before boarding the boat, and interpreting at Takiyatei.
※If your party consists of 3 people or less, the interpreter can accompany you on your boat ride to translate during fishing at no extra cost.
Raft with chairs and tables for dinner Please apply for the TAKIYA BASE plan at the bottom of this page.
※Normal rafts at Takiyatei have no chairs so you will sit on the floor.

How to make a reservation
Due to unpredictable weather conditions, it's possible that fishing will be cancelled. Please expect a confirmation call from Takiya association the day before your reservation. ※Such calls will be conducted in Japanese.
<English Reservation Support/ Additional ¥2000
You can make a reservation in English through us and we will support you with your reservation up to the day.
▶︎▶︎ Please send the following information to least 5 days in advance
・Desired Date (up to three requested dates)
・Desired Start Time
・Requested Number of Boats (4 adults per boat)
・Main Guest's Name
・Telephone Number in Japan
・Requested Boarding Point (Yuuto or Bentenjima)
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★ Onsite safety videos available in English and Chinese.★
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Contact details
Takiya association 053-592-2260(Japanese Only)
9985-3 Ubumi, Yuto-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

Where to ride on
Bentenjima beach park ※3 mins walk from JR Bentenjima station
(3775-2 Bentenjima, Maisaka-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka)

Yuto branch of Hamana fishing cooperation
(9985-3 Ubumi Yuto-cho Nishi-ku Hamamatsu-shi、Shizuoka)

4396-1 Yamazaki, Yuto-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
4620 Shizunomae Murakushi-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

■ Unfortunately, fishing may have to be suspended in bad weather.
■ Please be sure to wear a life jacket.
■ You have to follow the instructions of the boatman.
■ Because it's a small ship, you may fall down or fall into water if you lose the balance. Please don't stand up suddenly and follow the instructions of the boatman.
■ Please be careful with the harpoon because its edge is so sharp.
■ All the staff including the boatman speaks only Japanese. If you are not confident with Japanese conversation, we recommend you to have a translator go with you.

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You can enjoy the fish and seafood you caught on the beautiful, blue and white Takiya Base, an exclusive raft available for our guests. Some plans which include a sunset cruise are also available!


Sunset cruise + fishing + dinner
Weekdays (Max 4 people per vessel) ¥36,000 (includes cooking fee)
Saturdays (Max 4 people per vessel) ¥37,500 (includes cooking fee)

Meal at Takiya Base Only
※Only available to those participating in Takiya fishing · Space limited
1 Person ¥3000
(Junior High School and up / includes cooking fee)
(Children (No charge for infants) / includes cooking fee)

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