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Art & Museum

Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House
At this memorial house, you can learn about his ambition and passion.

Public Glassmaking and Metalworking Facility
You can experience various kinds of arts since there are crafting classes everyday and special projects or limited time offer projects that are held on a regular basis. There is bound to be a class which you can attend to work on you o

Located forty miles east of Hamamatsu by car, the Shiseido Art House opened its doors in 1978 as an art museum.

The Museum of Fragrance, Iwata
In Iwata city, on the east side of Hamamatsu, there is an unusual museum dedicated to perfume - the Museum of Fragrance, Iwata. Nicknamed Parfum Forêt ("perfume" and "forest" in French)

Hamanako Kanzanji Art Museum
The Lake Hamana Kanzanji Art Museum is an art museum located in the Kanzanji hot springs area by Lake Hamana in western Hamamatsu City, and it adjoins the hot springs lodge Tokiwasure Kaikaitei.

Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments
Hamamatsu, a city where companies like Yamaha and Kawai produce a large number of reed organs

Yamaha Communication Plaza
Since launching the YA-1 which was well-known for its nickname Akatonbo (red dragonfly) in Feb 1955, while it was still a part of Yamaha Corporation,

Soichiro Honda Craftsmanship Center
The Soichiro Honda Craftsmanship Center is a place meant to honor the achievements of Soichiro Honda,

Hamanako Music Box Museum
Hamanako Music Box Museum is specialized in music boxes and located by Lake Hamana. It stands on the summit of Mount Ohkusa, which overlooks the lake.

Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art
Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art is the first public art museum in the prefecture, and was opened to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Hamamatsu City.

Hirano Museum
The Hirano Museum displays a collection gathered over two generations by painters and passionate art lovers Soun Hirano and his son Ken Hirano.

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum
The Fuku Akino Art Museum is located in the forested hills of her birthplace near Fumatagawa in Tenryu Ward

Hamamatsu City Museum
The Hamamatsu City Museum displays tens of thousands of years of the history of Hamamatsu, from prehistoric to modern times.

Suzuki Plaza
Suzuki, one of the major companies representing Hamamatsu, has consistently paid close attention to the lives of consumers since its founding as the Suzuki Loom Works in 1909.

Hamamatsu Science Museum
Hamamatsu Science Museum, located 7 minutes walk from JR Hamamatsu Station, features six separate displays on the themes of nature

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