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Hosoe shrine Gion festival

Mikoshi-boats crossing the lake gracefully


Saturday, Jul. 14th, Sunday, Jul. 15th, 2018
14sat 10am-9pm / 15sun 3pm-5pm
[Place] Hosoe shrine and neighbourhood
[Information] Hosoe shrine 053-522-1857(Japanese Only)

Hosoe shrine located in Hosoe-cho, North-ward, Hamamatsu-city worships the god of earthquake which is rare in Japan, it has a Gion festival in July every year. A long time ago, during the Meio earthquake a tsunami in the area that connected Lake Hamana to the sea, made a shintai drift from Arai at the lake inlet to Akaike in Kiga and it was worshiped by the people. They say that is the history of Hosoe shrine. At the festival, Mikoshi-boats which have a shintai (object of worship) on it and twenty more consort ships that have Debiki (decoration stand) cruise gracefully on the depths of Lake Hamana. At night, Debiki with lighted lanterns parade around the town with lively Ohayashi (accompanying music).


Main Events
7 / 14 sat
10am〜 Shinto ritual at the shrine
2pm~5pm Mikoshi and Debiki start from the shrine and meet at Akaike for a Shinto ritual. After that, they parade around the town and go to the shrine.
7 / 15 sun
3pm~5pm(Togyo on Lake Hamana)
After having Shinto ritual, Mikoshi-boat and consort ship with Debiki will proceed about 4 kilometers on the depths of Lake Hamana. They will then go to the shrine with Debiki and Ohayashi. (They will arrive at the shrine at around 8pm)

ADDRESS 996 Kiga Hosoe-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
PHONE 053-522-1857 (Japanese only)

[TRAIN] From Shin-Hamamatsu Station
Ensyu Line get off at "Nishi-Kajima" station, take an Tenryuhamanako Line going to "Shinjohara", get off at "Kiga" station (about 60)
[BUS] From Hamamatsu Station
The 15th bus terminal station. Take an Kiga or Miyakoda Line going to "Kiga Yotsu Kado" or "Kiga-Eki mae", (about 50)
■Tomei Expressway
15 min from Mikkabi I.C.
20 min from Hamamatsu-Nishi I.C.
■Shin Tomei Expressway
20 min from Hamamatsu Inasa

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