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Yuya no Nagafuji

Yuya no Nagafuji, located withing the precincts of Gyokoji Temple in Iwata City, is renowned for its clusters of flowers more than a meter in length.
The large tree estimated to be roughly 850 years old is a nationally designated natural monument. In addition, a grand and beautiful wisteria trellis formed by trees more that 300 years old envelops the grounds.
It is said that in the Heian Period, Yuya Gozen (a princess favored by Taira no Munemori, the leader in the capital at that time), who was born and raised in the area, had a great love of wisterias and planted them there, and so they are called Yuya no Nagafuji, meaning Yuya's long wisteria.
The best time to see them is usually from late April to early May, during the Yuya no Nagafuji Festival when many events are held. Visitors can enjoy photo opportunities with sightseeing ambassadors wearing traditional ceremonial court kimono, Noh drama performances and open-air tea ceremonies. Both Iwata Yuya Memorial Park and Yuya Traditional Performing Arts Center adjoin Gyokoji Temple. At Iwata Yuya Memorial Park there are benches and a lawn where you can appreciate the wisterias that are full of people enjoying picnics.

The flower from mid-April to the early May.

ADDRESS 330 Ikeda,Iwata-shi,Shizuoka,Japan 438-0805
PHONE 0538-34-0344 (Japanese Only)

TRANSPORT From Hamamatsu Station
[TRAIN & BUS] JR Tokaido Main Line get off "Toyodacho" station and City bus (you bus) get off "Yuya Park Entrance" 40 minutes
[TAXI] From Hamamatsu Station / 30 minutes
From Toyodacho Station / 10 minutes

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