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2024 Fireworks Festival Schedule

During July and August,many fireworks events are planned throughout Japan.
It is just so fantastic to see the contest of the fireworks of various sizes.

July 6 (Sat), 2024
Benten-jima Fireworks Festival
Place Benten-jima Kaihin par MAP
Time TBC
※Rain or shine

July 27 (Sat), 2024
Enshu Arai Tezutsu hanabi (Hand-held fireworks) Festival
Place Arai Junior high school MAP
Time 7:15pm〜
※Rain or shine
It has a history of more than 260 years as dedicatory fireworks of Suwa Shrine. It is a heroic festival, also known as the "Festival of the Sea Route". The occasion known as "Sarutabiko(or Sarutahiko) Fireworks", in which several hundred Tezutsu fireworks are launched, is captivating.

July 27 (Sat), 2024
Fireworks Festival of Fukuroi Enshu
Place Fukuroi city Haranoyagawa Shinsui Park MAP
Time 7:30pm〜9pm
※If it rains on that day, it will be postponed until the 28th.
"The National Pyrotechnician Competition", is a program in which selected pyrotechnicians from around the country compete against each other. This show is one of the largest and most gorgeous, featuring fireworks such as midair "Niagara" and "Star mines".

July 28 (Sun), 2019
Kanzanji Onsen Lantern Floating and Fireworks Festival
Place Kanzanji Uchiurawan Baystreet MAP
Time 7:30pm〜8:55pm
※f it rains on that day, it will be postponed until the 29th.
The thousands of lanterns floating on the water, the beautiful fireworks coloring the surface of Lake Hamana, the loud sounds that echo deep to the stomach, reverberating from Mt. Okusa on the opposite shore, will make for a charming fireworks festival.

August 5 (Sat), 2023
Kashima Fireworks Festival
Place Tenryuugawa KASHIMA bridgeMAP MAP
Time 7:30pm〜
While the fireworks display is of course spectacular, the sounds of fireworks bursting and echoing from the mountains, along with the lined street stalls, make for a particularly exciting Japanese fireworks festival.

August 3 (Sat), 2024
Lake Sanaru Fireworks Festival
Place Lake Sanaru MAP
Time 7pm〜9pm
※If it rains on that day, it will be postponed until the 6th.

August 4 (Sun), 2024
Mikkabi Fireworks Festival
Place Ground of Mikkaichi Junior High School MAP
Time 7:30pm〜8:30pm
※Cancellation in the event of stormy weather.
The on-lake star mine fireworks, which decorate and mark the end of the fireworks festival, spread across the surface of the lake in a half-sphere, combining with their reflections on the surface of the lake to make large fireworks that are the highlight of the show.

August 14 (Wed), 2023
Nakano-cho Fireworks Festival
Place Hamamatsu-shi, Chūō-ku Nakano-cho, Tenryu dry riverbed MAP
Time 7:30pm〜9pm
※If it rains on that day, it will be postponed until the 15th.

September 14 (Sat), 2024
Misakubo Festival Fireworks
Place Riverbed in front of Misakubo Sogo Gymnasium MAP
Time 7:30pm〜8:10pm
※If it rains on that day, it will be postponed until the 15th.
Description of the Types of Fireworks!
Skyrocket Fireworks
Many fireworks are combined together to make a single firework that is launched into the sky which gorgeously colors the summer night sky and creates a fantastic scene.
Additionally, Japanese fireworks are unique in that they are round no matter what angle they are viewed from, allowing many people to enjoy the show at once.
On-lake Fireworks
Instead of launching fireworks into the air, on-lake fireworks are floated on the surface of the lake using a raft, and remotely ignited. While fireworks usually explode in a spherical shape, on-lake fireworks only explode in a half-sphere. However, because of their reflection in the surface of the lake, the explosion looks spherical, as if they were exploding in the sky.
Tezutsu ("Hand-held fireworks") Fireworks
Tezutsu fireworks refer to a type of hand-crafted firework in which fireworks are first stuffed in a bamboo cylinder wrapped with rope, and then ignited while the cylinder is held by a person. The few seconds while the fireworks ignite, in which the fireworks produce an orange pillar of fire with great roaring noises, are of course spectacular, but also exciting are the pyrotechnicians holding the bamboo cylinder in imposing stances.
Star mines
Fireworks, to be launched into the air, are lined up and quickly ignited in rapid succession using a fuse to connect the fireworks. The large number of fireworks launched within a short timeframe is a spectacular sight full of sense of speed. Many firework festivals cap their finales with star mines.
By igniting a row of hanging tubes filled with gunpowder spanning several meters to several tens of meters, gunpowder runs downward in unison. The gunpowder then ignites, creating a blazing spectacle that makes it seem as if the Niagara Falls is in front of you.
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