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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu


You should check it out
before going sightseeing in Hamamatsu!
You can ride buses, trains, sightseeing cruisers, the local railroad, and the ropeway which is the only one that crosses the lake in Japan! You can use this pass for two days!

Entetsu Bus / Train
Unlimited rides at all stops/ stations/ lines
Hamanako Cruise
Unlimited rides
Tenryu Hamanako Railroad
Unlimited rides at all stations/ lines
Kanzanji ropeway
unlimited rides

HAMANAKO RAIL PASS (2DAYS) is a useful and reasonable ticket for travelers, which is like HAMANAKO RAIL PASS (3DAYS) (started to be sold from July, 2015). You can have unlimited rides for two days on designated public transportations, Lake Hamana sightseeing cruiser, and the ropeway which crosses over the lake! If you bring the pass with you, you can get discounts at 21 facilities in Hamamatsu and Kakegawa city.
Go cycling, feeling the fresh air flowing off the lake while enjoying the magnificent view. Ride on the railroad that meanders between the fields reminiscent of traditional Japanese scenery. Those activities give you a peaceful time and make you feel relaxed during your trip. Of course you can enjoy your trip more actively in many ways. A magnificent sea, breathtaking views of the lake, good old Japanese landscapes and traditional cultures. Come and experience nostalgic Lake Hamana (Hamanako) and Hamamatsu, where various Japanese aspects are accessible, by using HAMANAKO RAIL PASS (2DAYS).

Adults ¥3,300
Child (6-12 years old) ¥1,650

It's different from HAMANAKO RAIL PASS (3DAYS)! Please purchase the one which matches to your trip plan.
Ticket/bonus are valid for one ticket holder only. (No transfer to others allowed)
No refund after you have started to use the ticket.
Child tickets apply for children six to twelve.
(Proof of age (ID) necessary at ticket counter)
Children aged five and under should follow the rules of transportation.

■ Tickets can be purchased at:
Nagoya Chubu International Airport 2nd floor arrival lobby / Central Japan Travel Center
※The following telephone numbers will be served in Japanese onl.
Ticket center at Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal (1st waiting room) / TEL.053-455-2255
Lake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser Boarding Point TEL.053-487-0228
"Tenryu Futamata" Station at Tenryu Hamanako Railroad / TEL.053-925-2275
"Kakegawa" Station at Tenryu Hamanako Railroad / TEL.0537-22-4346
"Shinjohara" Station at Tenryu Hamanako Railroad / TEL.053-577-2578
Hotel Kokonoe / TEL.053-487-1112
Hotel Wellseason Hamanako / TEL.053-487-1111
Kanzanji Sago Royal Hotel / TEL.053-487-0711
Hotel Concorde Hamamatsu / TEL.053-457-1111
Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu / TEL.053-459-0111
Kakegawa Grand Hotel / TEL.0537-23-3333

■Entetsu Railway (Aka-den)

This train connects between the South and North in Hamamatsu and has 18 stations from Hamamatsu Station to Nishikajima Station in Tenryu ward of Hamamatsu city. It operates every 12 minutes except early morning and late night and also known as "Aka-den (Red Train)" from the color of the train.

Official Website (Japanese)


■Entetsu Bus (Fixed-route Bus)

This fixed-route bus operates mainly within Hamamatsu, Kosai, Iwata and Fukuroi cities. It's especially convenient to go to Lake Hamana (Hamanako), Kanzanji, Okuyama, and Nakatajima from Hamamatsu station. You board the bus at the back door and leave from the front door. Make sure to get a numbered ticket when boarding and put the ticket in the fare box and show the start date of the pass to the crew when leaving the bus.

Official Website (Japanese)


■Tenryu Hamanako Railroad

This line operates along the north side of Lake Hamana (Hamanako) and has 39 stations from Kakegawa Station (Kakegawa city, Shizuoka prefecture) to Shinjyohara Station (Kosai city, Shizuoka prefecture). The nostalgic scenes have not changed since this line was founded in 1935 and the scenery of the mountains, lake, fields, and Japanese landscape through the windows is loved by many people.

Official Website (Japanese)


■Hamanako Cruise

This Hamanako Cruise around Lake Hamana (Hamanako) which faces Hamamatsu city and Kosai city. There are 60 minutes and 30 minutes cruises, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Hamana (Hamanako) that changes from season to season. The "Sunset Cruise" which operates from spring to summer, and the "Touching seagulls Cruise" which operates during winter, are especially recommended.

Official Website (Japanese)


■Kanazanji Ropeway

Kanzanji ropeway is the only ropeway in Japan which crosses the lake. You can look at the calm Lake Hamana, the nature-rich Mt. Okusa, the Pacific Ocean, and when you look out into the distance, Mt.Fuji on a clear sunny day. It runs every 10 minutes from 9 am to 7 pm basically, but there might be a change depending on seasons or weather. Please check it beforehand. (You can check their website form here

Official Website (Japanese)

■Bonus with Hamanako Rail Pass applies to:
1 Hamamatsu Flower Park 2 Strawberry Picking
(At AGURIS Hamanako)
3 Craft Activity of
Dyeing WASHI Towels
(Shizuoka Rofu
(Filter fabric))
4 Hamanako PALPAL 5 Lake Hamana Cycling
6 Hamanako
Musical Box Museum
7 Hamamatsu Castle 8 Hamamatsu-Matsuri
(Festival) KAIKAN
9 Museum of
Musical Instruments
10 Observatory Corridor
in the
Hotel Okura Hamamatsu
11 Hamamatsu Fruit Park
12 Ryoutan-ji (Temple)
13 Houkou-ji (Temple) 14 Shosan Hourin-ji
15 Ryugashi-do, Limestone cave
16 Kakegawa kachou-en 17 Kakegawa Castle 18 Kamo-sou Kachou-en
19 Akino Fuku Museum 20 Hananomai
SAKE Brewer
(Nihon-Shu: Rice wine)
21 Tenhama Line Turntable and Railway History Museum Guided Tour

Entetsu Highway Bus e-LineR
For trips from Hamamatsu to Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka or Kyoto, we recommend this affordable and comfortable highway bus.

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