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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

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Hana no Mai Sake Brewing
花の舞酒造 / はなのまいしゅぞう

Committed to local brewing


Founded in 1864, Hana no Mai Sake Brewery is located along the approach of quaint white cobble stones leading to Koshin temple in Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu.One of the oldest and most established breweries in Hamamatsu, Hana no Mai uses the best ingredients and has been committed to local production.The brewery is named after the Tenryukawa-style Dance of the Flowers from ancient times.

Sake is a Japanese alcohol made with special techniques and staple ingredients - rice, water, and malted rice. Hana no Mai gives true meanings to local brewing by using not only local ingredients of rice and water but also the indispensable local master brewers.


Rice - Yamada Nishiki, which is the highest quality brewer's rice from local contract farmers
Water - pure underground water which flows from the Akaishi mountain range
Master brewer - committed to hiring locally; we've developed local talents over the years and currently we have our in-house master brewers
★About Master Brewers
Master brewers are commanders of sake brewing. It goes without saying that they are experts in the technicalities of sake brewing. Furthermore, master brewers are well-rounded artisans with leadership, judgment and managerial skills who need to manage the whole brewing team during the six-month brewing period.

Brewery tour
The brewery tours walk you through the procedures of sake brewing. We welcome individual and group visitors. In addition, you get to taste the onsite-only freshly made sake.


Malted rice which is used to brew sake comes from inducing yeast from steamed rice. Brewers carefully manage this process within high temperature and high humidity workshops.


Here, you have the rare opportunity of tasting unfiltered raw unprocessed sake.

Tour reservation
[The time you can observe] 10am - 1pm
[Addmission] ¥10,800
・Learn about the sake brewing process first hand on a brewery tour
・Experience includes a guide-interpreter (English, Chinese, Indonesian, or Portuguese)
・Make a customer label for a complimentary bottle of sake (750 ml)
[Closed] Beginning of the year
[Group size] This tour requires at least two participants
※Over 10 people, please contact us.

※Please book at least 7 days before.

Annual Open Brewery
At our Annual Open Brewery in October, you can taste our latest sake of the year. Stalls are lined up within the premises and in the nearby Koshin Temple compound. Many come to enjoy new sake every year.


Retail Store

You can purchase sake at our retail store.


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632 Miyaguchi, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka




8am – 5pm


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From Shin-Hamamatsu Station


Entetsu Railway Line get off at “Nishi-Kajima” station (32 minutes)

take the Tenryuhamanako Railroad going to “Shinjohara” get off at “Miyaguchi” station (5 minutes) then walk (5 minutes)