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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu shizuoka

Japan Moon Viewing Party-Otsukimi-
お月見 / おつきみ

Experience Japan's elegant custom "Otsukimi"


There has been a tradition in Japan since ancient times called "Otsukimi." Even here in Hamamatsu City, there are events where you can try moon viewing for yourself. If you're coming to Japan for business or leisure in this season, here is a good chance to experience some of its traditional culture.
Moon viewing is a tradition which originally came from China. It first arrived in Japan in the late Nara or early Heian period, and became an established custom among Japanese people in the Edo period.Originally there were three occasions: Shoshu (the 7th month of the old lunar calendar), Chushu (the 8th month), and Banshu (the 9th month). The custom was to enjoy the sight of the full moon at these times. The night of the 15th day of the 8th month (around the middle of September in today's calendar system) was called "Jyugoya " (the 15th night), and the moon on this night was considered especially beautiful, and called "Chushu no Meigetsu," or the harvest moon of mid-fall.
This is also the time of a year when most crops are harvested in Japan, and the custom of moon viewing is a way of giving thanks for the year's yields. Because it occurs in the best season for harvesting taro (a kind of potato), sometimes the harvest moon of mid-fall is also called "Imo Meigetsu" or taro harvest moon.
Another special time for moon viewing is the night of the 13th day of the 9th month in the old lunar calendar, the middle of October in today's calendar, which is called Jyusanya (the 13th night). Having a moon viewing on this night is a custom which was started in Japan.People who view both Jyugoya and Jyusanya (On the 15th night and the 13th night), set up a viewing area on their veranda, and decorate with offerings of dumplings made to look like the moon, called tsukimi dango, crops from the harvest, and Japanese pampas grass. Then they sit and enjoy the view of the full moon. The reason the pampas grass is used for decoration is because not only does it resemble the grasses of the rice plant, but it's cut ends are very sharp and it is said to protect you from evil spirits.

While appreciating the view of the moon, we will have a tea party. There will also be high powered telescopes which guests can use. There are many ways to enjoy moon viewing these days. Please come and take part in whatever events you like.

Yuto Culture Center "Moon Viewing Tea Party"

2017 / 10 / 1 sun 5pm - 7:30pm
[Place] Yuto Culture Center  MAP
5427 Ufumi, Yuto-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi
[Access] From Hamamatsu station
Take the "Ubumi Yamazaki" line bus at #5 of the bus terminal to "Ubumi Ryoke" then walk 5 minute.


Moon Viewing Tea Party
5pm - 7:30pm
[Admission] ¥300
(Limited to 130 seats / Tickets are first come first served and available at the reception desk at the Yuto Culture Center)
Andon (Paper lantern) Exhibition
Concert of the Niko (Chinese violin

Hamamatsu City Observatory
"Mid-Fall Harvest Moon Viewing"

2017 / 10 / 4 wed 7pm - 9pm

[Place] Sekijin-no-hoshi park (Enshunada Kaihin Park Nakatajima north district)  MAP
1706 Enoshima-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
[Access] From the Hamamatsu station
Take the "No.4 Nakatajima" line bus at #6 of the bus terminal to "Nakatajima-cho"


We will set up many telescopes in the parking lot of Enshunada Kaihin Park and they will be open to the public for use in viewing the harvest moon.
※Everyone is welcome / Registration not required
※The event may be cancelled due to inclement weather.
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offisial site (Japanese)

Kiga Sekisho "Moon Viewing Party"

2017 / 9 / 30 sat 5pm - 7:30pm

[Place] Kiga Sekisho (Kiga Check point)
4577 Kiga, Hosoe-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan


otkm_kiga17_omo.jpg★Click to enlarge

Adults ¥500 / Elementary and Jr. high school ¥300
※includes tea and a Japanese confection
[Reservation] ★Reservation required
053-523-2855 (Japanese Only)
※It will stop accepting applications once all the places (100 seats) are taken

Maccha (green tea) : 5pm - 7:30pm
Concert : 6pm - 7pm

Shointei Seasonal Tea Party "Harvest Moon Tea Party"

2017 / 10 / 4 wed 4pm - 7pm

[Place] Hmamatsu City Teahouse, Shointei ( In the large room, with table seating )
11-4 Shikatani-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
[Hosts] Souhen-ryu【宗偏流】Green tea
[Admissions] One seat (includes tea and a Japanese confection) ¥800
[Admissions]Oshinogi Chaseki Set (tea and light meal) ¥2,000

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Moon Viewing Party of Shijimi Mura
(Freshwater clam Village)

2017 / 10 / 1 sun 4:30pm - 6pm

Rainy weather is done in the museum.
[Place] Shijimizuka Ruins in Hamamatsu City Museum
4-22-1 Shizimizuka, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi


Otsukimi concert / 5:30
pm - 6pm
Kuji no Shijimi-ya (shijimi-ya of lot) / 4:50pm - 5:30pm
Quoits to get a premium   ¥30 or ¥50
Picture story show / 4:30pm - 4:50pm

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