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Hamanako Palpal
Hamanako Palpal is a resort-style amusement park with around 30 attractions located oån the banks of Lake Hamana.

Kanzanji Ropeway
The Kanzanji Ropeway is the only ropeway in Japan that passes over a lake. From Lake Hamana Palpal to the observation deck and Hamana Music Box Museum on top of Mt. Okusa, the ropeway stretches 723 meters, allowing riders to enjoy a four-minute cruise thr

Hamanako paraglider school
Even an inexperienced person can experience flying in the air at Hamanako paragliding school.

Lake Hamana Cycling Road
Lake Hamana (Hamanako), in the western part of Hamamatsu City, has the shoreline among brackish lakes in Japan.

Lake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser
Lake Hamana boasts the largest circumference of all brackish lakes in Japan

Triton Marine Club
Triton Marine Club is located at the lake-side of Oku-Hamana Lake in Mikkabi town, Hamamatsu city and you can experience a sea kayaking tour or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboat) here.

Hanasaki no Yu
The onsen of Hamamatsu is called “Kanzanji Onsen.” It has the largest onsen resort in Shizuoka Prefecture that is reachable as a day trip, the “Hanasaki no Yu,” comprising of three large baths,

Beach's Marina
Beach’s Marina is a yacht harbor located on the south end of Osaki peninsula in Mikkabi, Hamamatsu.

T-flow is a water sports store located on the quiet lakeshore of Mikkabi Town, one of Hamamatsu City’s resort areas.

Hamanako Banana
Hamanako Banana is located in Mikkabi-cho which is by Lake Hamana, one of the resort areas in Hamamatsu city.

Square Climbing Centre
The Square Climbing Centre is located in Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu, and can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. It has nine rope climbing walls

Kamoe Art Center
The Kamoe Art center is open for residents of Hamamatsu-shi as a place for cultural and artistic activities.

Minami Hamana Lake Pleasure Cruise
The landing for the pleasure cruise is inside Bentenjima Beach Park, a three-minute walk from Bentenjima Station, with its symbol of the red torii rising over Lake Hamana,

Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika
Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika House is a fruit themed agricultural park that takes advantage of Hamamatsu’s abundant nature and warm climate to cultivate an orchard of 4300 fruit trees of 160 varieties. Located in Miyakoda town

Hamamatsu Castle Park
Hamamatsu Castle Park, located in the center of Hamamatsu City, is a relaxing place conveniently located within walking distance of Hamamatsu Station.

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