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Kanzanji Ropeway

Kanzanji Ropeway - A gorgeous midair stroll over the lake


Kanzanji Ropeway is the only ropeway in Japan that passes over a lake. From Lake Hamana Palpal to the observation deck and Hamanako Music Box Museum on top of Mt. Okusa, the ropeway stretches 723 meters, allowing riders to enjoy a four-minute cruise through the air.
Directly below you are the calm waters of Lake Hamana and the grand natural beauty of Mt. Okusa. If you look further, you can see the Pacific Ocean and on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji. As you rise in elevation, all of the rich scenery around Lake Hamana will be spread out before you.


At Okusayama Station, the upper terminus of the ropeway, there is the Hamanako Music Box Museum which exhibits some of the world's most valuable music boxes. On the observation deck, there is a carillon (set of bells) set up which plays melodies that match the season. The view of Inner Lake Hamana from the observation deck, made even more beautiful by the charming lilts of the music boxes, is definitely a sight to see.


Return ticket
3age - Elementary
¥ 550
Adult ¥ 1,100
Ropeway + Museum ticket
3age - Elementary
¥ 790
Adult ¥1,580

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>> Kanzanji Ropeway / 舘山寺ロープウェイ
ADDRESS 1891 Kanzanji-cho,Chuo-ku,Hamamatsu-shi,Shizuoka
PHONE 053-487-2121
OPEN HOURS 9am ~ 5:30pm

TRANSPORT From Hamamatsu Station
[BUS] Take the "No.30 Kanzanji" line bus (60 minutes ride) at bus stop #1of the bus terminal to "Hamanako palpal" then walk 10 minutes
[TAXI] 35 minutes

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