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The traditional fabric "Enshu-cotton",
expressed in modern design, making for a perfect souvenir.


There is a traditional textile called Enshu cotton in Enshu district where Hamamatsu city belongs to. Enshu cotton is carefully weaved on a loom by a craftsman, and only 40 meters can be made in a day. These masterfully prepared cloths and goods are sold at Nukumori-Kobo. ((You can see the details of Enshu cotton here))
The original brand "Tsumugu" is specifically only made in Japan, and dedicated to only feature simple designs that can be loved for a long time. Although this brand reminds us of traditional Japan by its pattern and shape, it harmonizes with modern life well and adds a Japanese flair to your living.
The office and shop is constructed of plain wood Tenryu-cedar, whose calming scent fills the air. Please come and experience the soft texture of Enshu-tsumugi when you come to Hamamatsu. We also have a special selection of items from the Shizuoka prefecture, as well as the fabric rolls of Enshu-tsumugi, along with finished goods. We highly recommend them as souvenirs.


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Online Shop

ADRESS 3-12-25 Somechi-dai, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 434-0046 
PHONE 053-545-6391
FAX 053-545-6493
OPEN 10am - 6pm
CLOSED Year-end and New Year holidays (2015/12/29~2016/1/3)

TRANSPORT From Hamamatsu Station
[TRAIN and BUS] Enshu Tetsudo Line "Hamakita” station then take the “Seirei Mikatahara Byouin” line bus to “Somechi-dai 3cho-me". Nukumori Kobo in front of bus stop.
[BUS] Take the “Hagioka/ Miyakoda/ Kirari town” line bus at bus stop #13 of the bus terminal to “Somechi-dai 3cho-me". Nukumori Kobo in front of bus stop.
About 40 minutes

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