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Kamoso Kachoen 加茂荘花鳥園

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Travel back in time to the Edo period surrounded by one of Japan's foremost Japanese-iris, hydrangea and shoya-yashiki


Kamosou-kachoen is located in Kakegawa city which is east of Hamamatsu city, and it owns one of the best iris gardens in Japan. In this site, there is a shoya residence "Kamo-sou" which you can enter. It still retains its original architect since the Edo period, and the iris garden which covers one hectare, in front of the entrance gate makes a very Japanese and beautiful scene. There also is a 3000 square meter greenhouse with various flowers including hydrangea which are in full bloom. You can enjoy light meals and sweets at the coffee lounge in the greenhouse and the outside resting place where you can look out over the iris garden.
*Sho-ya Yashiki (shoya residence) : Residence of village headman

Iris gardens Open
2016 / 4 / 23 sat- 6 / 19 sun
★Mid-June for the peak period


Elementary FREE
Adult (Junior high and up) ¥1,500
Senior ¥1,200

Discounts for groups of 20 or more
※Advance reservation necessary

Adult ¥1,350
Senior ¥1080
※A free parking area is available.

http://www.kamoltd.co.jp/kakegawa/ (Japanese)

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