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Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika

You can enjoy picking various seasonal fruits
in a huge orchard nine times the size of the Tokyo Dome.


The Hamamatsu fruits park, "Tokino-sumika", is a fruit themed agricultural park where you can pick over 15 different kinds of fruits throughout the year by taking the advantage of rich nature and mild climate of Hamamatsu city. This huge site, which is nine times the size of the Tokyo Dome, and located in Miyakoda-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu city. The west area has a food court and an activity facility, while the east area has an extended orchard. Both adults and kids can enjoy various activities besides picking fruits, such as the winery or a dinosaur square. There is a free parking area for about 800 cars and is in a prime location, only 5 minutes from the smart IC of Hamamatsu SA of Shin-tomei Expressway.

MAP (Click to enlarge)

East area
The fruits from Japan and overseas are grown here and you can enjoy watching and picking them throughout the year.

Harvesting/Viewing Seasons
April to June Strawberries, Japanese apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Plums
July to September Peaches, Plums, Blueberries, Grapes, Pears, Figs
October to December Apples, Akebies, Oranges, Persimmons, Kiwis
January to March Strawberries


※Due to weather conditions, prime season for the fruits may change. Please refer here for more information.

West area

Warm bath facility "Biotope -a bath of dragonfly"
You can enjoy it as a one day spa which is a high concentration carbonated spring bath. It is good for recovering from fatigue, beautifying your skin, and relaxation.

Large Food Court "Perle"
You can enjoy dessert buffet at the food court which has over 300 seats.

Tropical Wine Cove
Taste our original wines while touring our brewing facilities.

Tokinosumika House Hand Made Workshop
A shop featuring not only local goods but specialties from every area.

Pizza Studio
Genuine pizza baked in a brick oven with a high temperature in a short time

Tropical Fruit Green House
A relaxing space, as though you have come across a real tropical island.

From a massive playground popular with children, to Segway test drives, we have prepared all sorts of activities for you to enjoy.

Open Air Stage
A multipurpose stage usable for concerts, performances, and the like.

Barbeque Garden
You can enjoy BBQ in the fruits park surrounded by the green nature.

The dreamlike dinosaur square
You can see many dinosaurs with full impact.

Water park Open only in Summer

Middle and Elementary ¥350
Adult (High school and up)
Discounts for groups of 15 or more

http://www.tokinosumika.com/hamamatsufp/ (Japanese)

You can enjoy the illumination and fountain show for a limited time!

★Click to enlarge

Winter illumination 2016-2017

2016 / 11 / 12 - 2017 / 1 / 15 5pm - 9pm

You can enjoy walking in the park which is colored with 3,000,000 LED lights mainly in the west area.

The fountain illumination show

2016 / 11 / 12 - 2017 / 1 / 15

You can enjoy the fountain illumination with a panoramic view of 360 degrees for a limited time. This is one of the biggest fountain illuminations in Japan presented by the creator who has produced for the Versailles palace and Disneyland.

The starting time of the performance
★2016 / 11 / 12 - 12 / 31
5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm 8:30pm
※There is no performance at 5:30pm or 6:00pm on November 12, 13, December 24, and 25.
★January 1 to 5, 2017 Dates and time of the performance are being adjusted.


Entry fee plus the fountain show set
Adult ¥1,000
Child ¥500
Preschoolers FREE
For the fountain show only ※1
Adult ¥600
Child ¥400
Preschoolers FREE
※1/For persons with disabilities and people over 70 years of age who lives in Hamamatsu
(You need to show a certificate or a driver's license to confirm)

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