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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu shizuoka

Japan Lake Hamana Fishing News
浜名湖の釣り情報 / はまなこのつりじょうほう


Because Japan, Lake Hamana (Hamanako) is a brackish lake, where freshwater and seawater mix, it has a rich variety of fish. It also has fantastic scenery, which can be enjoyed while fishing. Perfect! Other appealing features include the quiet beach, parking and lavatory facilities, and even a park with BBQ equipment, making it ideal for beginners and those with families. Even if you show up empty handed, you can rent the gear and enjoy a quick round of fishing when you have a spare moment. There are plenty of hotels in the area, many of which rent fishing equipment to their guests. So why not enjoy the beauty of nature while fishing at Lake Hamana?

■ The fish of Lake Hamana
Shirogisu (Sand borer), Seigo (Young sea bass), Suzuki (Sea bass) Haze (Goby), Kasago (Marbles rockfish), Agi (Horse mackerel), Saba (Mackerel), Iwashi (Sardine), Kurodai (Black porgy), Sayori (Halfbeak), Karei (Flounder), Hirame (Bastard halibut), Kochi (Bartail flathead), Ainame (Fat greenling), Mebaru (Black rockfish), Tenaga-Ebi (Freshwater prown)

■ Main fishing methods
・ Angling video (Japanese)
・ Sabiki fishing video (Japanese)

■ Hamanako Fishing Spot Map

View a Larger Hamanako Fishing Map

fishing.pngHandy fishing tips
・Arai Port Landing Place (新居港砂揚げ場 / Araikou Suna-ageba)
・Arai Fishing Park (新居海釣り公園 / Arai umizuri Koen)
・Miyakoda River, Nearby Miotsukushi Bridge (都田川みおつくし橋周辺 / Miyakodagawa Miotsukushibashi)

shopping.pngFishing equipment rental shop
Although numbers are limited, you can rent fishing equipment from about ¥1,000 (depends on vendor).

Ohashiya fishing equipment Center (大橋屋釣具センター / Ohashiya Tsurigu Center)
[ADDRESS] 3444-7 Arai, Araicho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi MAP
[PHONE] 053-594-0252 (Only Japanese)
[OFFICIAL SITE] (Japanese)

Marui fishing equipment shop (まるい釣具店 / Marui Tsurigu Ten)
[ADDERESS] 2669-68 Bentenjima, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi MAP
[PHONE] 053-596-0077 (Only Japanese)
[OFFICIAL SITE] (Japanese)

Hamanako Lakeside Plaza (浜名湖レイクサイドプラザ) ※Hotel Guests Only
[OFFICIAL SITE] (Japanese)

Hotel Listel Hamanako (ホテルリステル浜名湖) ※Hotel Guests Only
[OFFICIAL SITE] (Japanese)

■ Fishing boat
recommended for the experienced!!
Fishing boat list of Enshunada and Lake Hamana (Japanese)

Fishing equipment shop
・Ishiguro (イシグロ) (Japanese)
・joshuya (上州屋) / Hamamatsu store / Hamamatsu Station west store / Hamamakita store (Japanese)
Fishing equipment Tokai (釣り具東海 / Tsurgu Tokai) (Japanese)

■ For further details about fishing spots
・Ishiguro (イシグロ) (Japanese)
・Fishing equipment Tokai (釣り具東海 / Tsurgu Tokai)  
■ Fish ponds
Lake Hamana Fishing Resort (Japanese)

■ Fishing etiquette

・ Don't fish where it is prohibited. ※The above signs indicate non-fishing areas
・Keep the fishing area clean and take home your litter.
・ Release small fish.

■ Never touch an unfamiliar fish bare-handed!
If you are stung or bitten, go to the hospital immediately!

Dangerous fish found in Lake Hamana


Kanazanji Onsen-area Scenic hot spring
Kanzanji Sun Beach seine fishing Get close to the precious wildlife of Lake Hamana
Triton Marine Club Let's give yourself to the nature of Oku-Hamanako by doing sea kayaking
Minami Hamana Lake Pleasure Cruise See beautiful Lake Hamana from a working fishing boat
Hamanako Kanzanji Onsen, Tokiwasure Kaikatei A hot-spring hotel where you can forget about the flow of time and experience relaxing moments