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Lake Hamana Eel - Maruhama 浜名湖うなぎ 丸浜 / はまなこうなぎ まるはま

Taste the traditions of Lake Hamana at this long-established restaurant which is directly managed by the Lake Hamana Fishery Cooperative


It is directly managed by the Lake Hamana Fishery Cooperative. You can feel safe and secure in enjoying Lake Hamana eel that were carefully nurtured in the area by members of the cooperative. Every morning our veteran chef prepares carefully selected high quality Hamanako eel. First, the Kabayaki broiled eels are well steamed, then grilled, and finally finished in the Kanto-style. These thick cut, fatty eels will melt in your mouth. It is only a one-minute walk from Hamamatsu Station, so it's easy to drop by and enjoy our bright friendly atmosphere, even as a party of one.


Menu / Price

Unagi Bowl Lunch (with and pickles)  ¥1,600
Unagi Box<Ume> (with eel liver soup and pickles)  ¥2,200
Unagi Box<Take> (with eel liver soup and pickles)  ¥2,500
Unagi Box<Jyo> (with fruit, eel liver soup and pickles)  ¥3,700

In addition we have broiled eel, boiled eel liver, and to-go boxed lunches.

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