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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu


Authentic sushi enjoyed at the counter


gesture.jpgService is in Japanese only,
but we do our best to provide a warm welcome.

Located a convenient two-minute walk away from the south entrance of JR Hamamatsu Station, Suehiro-sushi is an authentic sushi restaurant inheriting three generations of flavor and technique.
Our sushi chefs make sushi with fresh ingredients obtained locally from Lake Hamana. Among them, the rice roll using the flaver of Lake Hamana is popular for its good aroma and flavor. Although there is table seating, you can sit at the counter in a traditional sushi restaurant style and come face-to-face with the sushi chef while you eat.
You'll feel right at home surrounded by the friendly hospitality of this restaurant where flowers and dishes are changed according to the season and even a sushi beginner can go in without feeling nervous.


Menu / Price
Jo sushi (deluxe sushi) ¥1,600
Tokujo sushi (super deluxe sushi) ¥2,000
Chef's choice nigiri (with soup) ¥2,500

One-coin lunch (sushi + soup) ¥550

★Credit card may be used for purchases exceeding 5500 yen per person.
★We are happy to take reservations in advance. (Telephone reservations)
Please tell us that you saw us on iN HAMAMATSU.COM at that time.
And when you go to restaurant, please refer to this page.

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Hand-Rolled Sushi Experience ※Reservation required

Learn to hand roll sushi from an expert at an authentic sushi restaurant.

Available Dates
Th to Tu without the second Tu 2pm-4pm
Duration Including in-restaurant dinner, approx. 2h
Number of people 1 〜3 people
Language Conducted in Japanese
Those who cannot understand Japanese should bring an interpreter if desired

Adults ¥1,500 / Children ¥1,000

How to make a reservation
Reservations are to be made at least 1 week in advance.

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>> Suehiro-sushi / 末広鮨
ADDRESS 360-6 Sunayama-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka,
PHONE 053-452-6288 (Japanese only)
OPEN HOURS Lunch 11:30am~13:30pm / Dinner 5pm~9:30pm
CLOSED Wednesday, every second Tuesday

TRANSPORT From Hamamatsu Station
[WALK] 2 minutes

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