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Shointei, the Hamamatsu Teahouse
浜松市茶屋 松韻亭 / はままつちゃしつ しょういんてい

Enjoy a calm moment, viewing the Japanese garden and experiencing the tea ceremony at Shointei


Shointei lies in one corner of Hamamatsu Castle Park. The tea ceremony may sound intimidating, but here, we offer a tea ceremony that anyone can comfortably experience, including foreign visitors. Of course, we offer the traditional tea ceremony on bamboo mats, but visitors can also sit on chairs for the tea ceremony. Also, there is no need to wear anything special, so please feel free to drop in anytime.


The teahouse overlooks a lush green Japanese garden, a beautiful space that changes with each season, fresh greenery in spring and red leaves in fall. You can hear the trickle of the small waterfalls and streams, the rustle of leaves in the wind, and the sounds of insects and birds. Come and feel the essence of Japanese culture in this space, where you hear only the sounds of nature and the seasons as you gaze at the greenery.

Tea Service
Tea service is offered whenever Shointei is open. We alternate daily between offering matcha, powdered green tea, and sencha, leaf green tea.


★One seat (includes tea and a Japanese confection)... ¥ 400

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11-4 Shikatani-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi,Shizuoka,Japan





9:30am - 5pm


Monday(Open when National holidays fall on this day)

12/29 - 1/3(Tea service available until 12/26)


From Hamamatsu Station


Take the all line bus (10 minutes) at bus stop #16 of the bus termina to "shikatani-cho minami" or "shikanani-cho"

Take the all line bus (10 minutes) at bus stop #13 of the bus termina to "hamamatsujo kouen iriguchi"


10 minutes