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Kasui-yurinosono 可睡ゆりの園 / かすいゆりのその

2 million blooming lilies are grown in the huge site

2017 / 5 / 27 sat - 7 / 2 sun
You can enjoy a vast amount of blooming lilies (2 million flowers of 150 different kinds) at Kasui-yurinosono next to Kasuisai in Fukuroi city in Shizuoka prefecture. The garden, which was made in accordance with the natural growth of flowers, has a breathtaking beauty you can see only during this season, from the end of May to the beginning of July. There is a gentle slope, a forest, and a pond in this huge park of over 30,000 tsubo (99,000 square meters) and you can encounter various scenery depending on the spot or angle you look.
Not only for enjoying the sight of lilies, you can also relax by the sweet scent of them filling the air. There is also a restaurant where you can have "lily tempura" and the shops where you can buy lilies or souvenirs.

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The restaurant and the direct sales store of the lilies


Child FREE
Primary and Jr. high ¥300
Adult ¥1,000

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