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Hamamatsu Castle Park
浜松城公園 / はままつじょうこうえん

A green forest surrounding Hamamatsu Castle


Hamamatsu Castle Park, located in the center of Hamamatsu City, is a relaxing place conveniently located within walking distance of Hamamatsu Station. The park has at its center, Hamamatsu Castle, famous as Tokugawa Ieyasu's "Promotion Castle," and is surrounded by rich greenery while still being located in the center of the city. It's a bustling park with joggers, people taking strolls, sightseers visiting Hamamatsu Castle, and children running around on the grass. The circumference of the park is about 900 meters, and we recommend it as a walking course for sightseers or people on business who are staying near the station.

If you enjoy a taste of history!

① Hamamatsu Castle & Statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu

The stone wall as it was 400 years ago is a must-see.
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② Japanese Garden
It was created using the natural differences in the height of the terrain and preexisting trees.

If you want to experience Japanese culture!

③ Shointei, The Hamamatsu tea house
While viewing a Japanese garden, you can enjoy drinking Japanese tea.
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If you enjoy live performances and sports!

④ Stone Stage (Left photo) / ⑤ The Central Park Ground (Right photo)
Dances and live jazz performances are held on a stone stage.(Times are not on a fixed schedule.)

If you enjoy art and the seasons of Japan!

⑥ Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art (Left photo)
⑦ The castle tower and about 500 cherry trees (Right photo)

The castle tower is surrounded by about 500 cherry trees and Hamamatsu Castle Park is a popular place to view the cherry blossoms.
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100-2, Motoshirocho, Naka-ku,






Hamamatsu Castle 8:30am - 4:30pm

Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art 9am-5pm

Shouintei 9:30am-5pm


From Hamamatsu Station


Take the bus at bus stop #1 or #13 of the bus terminal to "Shiyakusho-mae"


5 minutes


20 minutes