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Driving out evil spirits and inviting in good fortune, a Japanese custom from ancient times

February 3rd is the last day of winter. "Setsubun" refers to the day before the first day of each season (spring, summer, fall, and winter). In particular, the first day of spring is considered to be the beginning of the new year, and the word "setsubun" has come to refer mainly to the setsubun that comes before the beginning of spring. Because it is thought to be easier for evil spirits to arise when the seasons are changing, "mamemaki" (bean-throwing) is performed at shrine and temple and in households to drive away evil spirits and bring about good fortune.
The proper way to conduct mamemaki is to scatter soybeans, which have been roasted for this purpose, out from the entrance of one's home twice while saying, "Oni wa soto" ("Out with the demons"). Then, the door is closed quickly to prevent the demons from reentering, and beans are scattered twice toward the interior of the house, with the phrase "Fuku wa uchi" ("In with good fortune"). In some cases, a member of the family will act out the part of a demon, a symbol of evil spirits and misfortune. Afterward, if one eats the number of beans corresponding to one's age, it is said that one will live a long life and be free of illness in the coming year.
On the day of setsubun, eating a whole "ehoumaki" (a thick sushi roll) while facing in the "ehou" direction (the direction that is believed to be the luckiest direction for that year) is believed to bring good fortune.
Give it a try!
During this time of year, items like mamemaki beans and demon masks are sold at places such as supermarkets, so you can experience mamemaki in your own home. Additionally, mamemaki events are held at shrine and temple in and around Hamamatsu, so please feel free to join in!
Participate in Mamemaki!
Kanzanji Temple/ Atago shrine
February 2 (Sun), 2020
Setsubun Ceremonies 2pm -
Gosha Shrine/ Suwa Shrine
February 3 (Mon), 2020
Setsubun Festivals
Bean scattering ceremony 4pm -
Hamamatsu Hachimangu
February 2 (Sun), 2020
Tsuinashiki 6pm -
More Details
February 3 (Mon), 2020
Setsubun Festivals 3:30pm -
Bean scattering ceremony 4pm -
February 3 (Mon), 2020
Prayer 9am -
Bean scattering ceremony 4pm -
Honkaji Temple
February 3 (Mon), 2020
Setsubun Ceremonies 3pm -
Bean scattering ceremony 4pm -
Okuni Shrine
February 3 (Sun), 2020
Setsubun Festivals 2pm -
Bean scattering ceremony 3pm -
Hattasan Soneji
February 3 (Mon), 2020
Bean scattering ceremony
Setsubun Festivals 12pm -, 2pm -
Hosoe Shrine
February 3 (Mon), 2020
Bean scattering ceremony 6pm -
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