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The 3rd Shuriken Darts Grand Prix in Hamamatsu

Beginners can also enjoy themselves like Ninjas!

Many prizes including the gift certificate of Sawayaka, the popular hamburger shop in Shizuoka Prefecture, gas guns, and air guns, etc. are prepared for the event.
The shop will give participants who are in ninja costumes a special offer as a commemoration of "Ninja Day" and a ninja dart for practice!
We look forward to your participation in aiming for the highest score!
The 3rd Shuriken (throwing star) Darts Grand Prix in Hamamatsu
Saturday, February 22, 2020
Place Any
91-1 Chitose-cho, Chūō-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 430-0934
※Paid parking lot available
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Start time <Elementary School Students Division>
5pm〜6pm (Reception 4:30pm~)
<General Division>
6pm〜8pm (Reception 5:30pm~)
※Advance application is required.
※An event which everyone can enjoy regular darts and throwing star darts will be given prior to the competition. Details will be announced later.
Eligibility <Elementary School Students Division>
Between age 8 and age 12
※The prizes will vary depending on the darts throwing distance.
※1 guardian is required to be accompanied for age 15 and under.
<General Division>
Age 13 and older
Fee 1000 yen (it comes with 1 ninja dart for practice as a participation prize)
※If you apply by e-mail or fill out the application form, please pay on the day of the event.
※If you pay in advance at the model gun shop Chitose, we will give you ninja darts as the participation prize onsite.
Other awards ① All participants will be given a map and a clear folder of Chitose-cho as presents.
② Children participants will be given official "Ninja Photo Props" of Japan Ninja Council on a first come, first served basis.
③ Participants wearing Ninja cosplay will be given a set of the original Ninja hand towel (SHURIKEN MATO) and the rubber Shiriken (throwing star).
How to
apply by e-mail: include your name, age, gender, date of birth, phone number (mobile phone), and address, apply by usingapplication form, or apply directly at the model gun shop Chitose.
How to compete
The participant throws 3 Ninja darts each round.
The participant with the highest total scores of 3 rounds will win.
※If there is a tie, the participant who gets the higher score out of three rounds will win.
The participants will use Ninja darts as tools for the competition.
What is Ninja darts? →
The height, from the center of the board to the floor, of the dartboard installed is 173 cm.
The throwing line is parallel to the dartboard surface and a vertical line is drawn from the board surface to the floor then the throwing line is determined at a position which is 237cm above the line.
The dart board scoring is calculated the same as the soft darts. Bull is calculated with 50 points for both Double Bull and Single Bull.
How to play/throw (rule)
The participant throws three Ninja darts one at a time and each time makes one throw.
The participant cannot throw again if he/she does not hit the board and the dart falls or bounces off the board.
The right-handed participants stand with their right feet, the left-handed participants stand with their left feet, take the same feet and lean forward with their throwing hands.
Throwing in overthrowing is prohibited. ※Participants from the elementary school division are allowed.
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