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Strolling in the town of Enshu Yokosuka


Try to walk the old castle town where the time passes slowly

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Enshu Yokosuka district, which is located in the south part of Kakegawa city, in the Shizuoka prefecture, is a neighborhood of old streets filled with houses that harken back to the time when it was a castle town. It is a magical area to walk, with the old elegant buildings and established shops standing side by side in a row. The festivals and events are held in all seasons.


Yokosuka Castle Ruins


Yokosuka castle was built by the order of Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1578 and had prospered for over 20 generations of lords, finally closing in 1873, during the Meiji Restoration Period. Now it is managed as a historic park as a designated cultural property.


Yokosukacho guard house


Originally a government office and gateway used for monitoring the people traveling in and out of the Yokosuka castle grounds. It was originally built around the castle but has been reconstructed at the north entrance of Osuka Branch now.


Shimizu-tei Garden


The garden of an old family, the Shimizu, who ran a shipping agency and flourished as a head of the clan during the Edo period. You can enjoy green tea or Amazake (sweet mild sake) while enjoying the beautiful circuit style garden, believed to date back to the mid-Edo period.


Enshu Yokosuka Mikumano shrine festival


A traditional festival that has been passed down since Edo period, and held on the first Friday, through Sunday every April. Gorgeous floats parade through the town of Yokosuka during day and night.

Enshu Yokosuka kite flying festival


Enshu Yokosuka kite flying festival is held on the first Sunday of February. An event in which kites from all over Japan, such as Yokosuka kites, whose haracteristics are unique design and color, get together and color the sky.

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Enshu Yokosuka-kaido Cultural Exhibition


The works of artists from all over the country are displayed everywhere in town.

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Cookery hotel Yaojin


An old cookery hotel established in the late Edo period. Here you can stay overnight in a historical building showcasing its traditional Japanese architecture. It is also possible to visit and solely enjoy fine dining.

Sakae soy sauce brewery


A soy sauce shop established in the mid Edo period. They continue to make soy sauce by sticking to ingredients made in Japan and the traditional process and recipe. You can observe the old way of soy sauce making, which has been succeeded from generation to generation.

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A shop specializing in Yokan (sweet jellied azuki-bean paste), established in Meiji 40 (year 1907). Their Yokan adheres to the traditional methods, and is so popular that people travel from all over the country specifically for it.

Yamanaka Shuzo


The high quality rice wine "Aoi tenka" is made within this warehouse dating to the Edo period, and is the most popular sake of award winning Yamanaka Shuzo. You can purchase their products at the shop on the opposite side of the road.

Hare tokidoki cafe


It's a café and gallery renovated within an old house that was built over 100 years ago. They have original cycle rack and a highly popular rest stop among cyclists.

Access to Enshu Yokosuka
From Hamamatsu station to Fukuroi station
[TRAIN]It takes about 24 minutes by JR Tokaido Line.
It takes about 13 minutes by Kodama of JR Tokaido Shinkansen.
■From Tokyo to Fukuroi station
[TRAIN]It takes about an hour and 50 minutes by Kodama of JR Tokaido Shinkansen.
■From Nagoya station
[TRAIN]It takes about an hour by Komdama of JR Tokaido Shinkansen.

■From Hamamatsu Station
[BUS]Take the "No.97 Kaketsuka Yokosukai" line bus (60 minutes ride) at bus stop #8 of the bus terminal to "Nishiban-cho" then walk 5 minutes
■From Fukuroi station
[BUS]Take the "Yokosuka shako" line bus (25 minutes ride) at bus stop #3 of the bus terminal to "Shin Yokosuka".
[CAR]Around 20 minutes from Tomei Expressway Kakegawa I.C. or Fukuroi I.C.

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