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Enshu Yokosuka Mikumano Shrine Festival

Three days where the old castle town is awash with the festival colors.

This event will be cancelled in 2020.
April 5 (Fri) - 7 (Sun), 2024
Fri 12pm - 9pm / Sat 8am - 9pm / Sun 9:30am - 9pm
Place Mikumano shrine, Yokosuka area / 5630-1 Nishi-obuchi, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken
Information Kakegawa southern tourism information center 0537-48-0190
Enshu Yokosuka Mikumano shrine festival held at Yokosuka district in Kakegawa city is a traditional festival which has been inherited for over 280 years since the festival culture of Edo spread to this area during the period. It is held for three days from the first Friday to Sunday of April every year, highlights of the event include Mikoshi Togyo (transferral of a portable shrine) and a parade of 13 gorgeous floats following behind through the town. On the floats, they play festival music with pipes and drums and walk around the castle town of Yokosuka district which retains the old style streets. In this season, cherry blossoms are in full bloom on the site of Mikumano shrine and they make for even more beautiful decoration for the festival.
Lower right photo : Studio Green Point

5631-1 Nishi-Obuchi, Kakegawa-shi,Shizuoka

TRANSPORT From Hamamatsu Station
JR Tokai Main Line get off at "Fukuroi" station.And about 20 minutes by Taxi.
Or take the bus "Yokosuka Homen" line bus (20 minutes ride) to "Shin-Yokosuka" then walk 7 minutes
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