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Shokunin-ichiba (Chefs Market) in Chitose

Chance to casually enjoy the taste of cooking
by meticulous chefs!



October 27 (Sat), 2018 4pm - 8:30pm
[Place] Chitose-cho area, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

Shokunin-ichiba (Chefs Market) is an event where eating and drinking establishments around Chitose-cho get together to provide services at bargain prices. On the day of the event, most shops will be providing services in front of their shops, rather than inside. Some of the shops even offer demonstration by chefs, giving opportunities to casually enjoy dishes from establishments that had been difficult to walk in previously.


In order to enjoy Shokunin-ichiba (Chefs Market) even more, purchasing of tickets that can be used at participating shops is recommended.
(Cash purchase on the day of the event is also possible)
And right now, highly popular bargain price advance tickets are available for sale at below shops!
The shop which participates in an event (9/14 Thu - 10/20 fri)
Kondo coffee / Any (9/14 Thu - 10/27 fri)

★Advantage points of advance ticket (2,000 yen)!
☆ Coupon tickets at 2,100 yen
☆ Stamp rally ticket with which you can win great prizes
☆ 1 free drink ticket and a pamphlet of this event

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the town of Chitose's attractions fully.
※This was last year's pamphlet. (will be updated soon)

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