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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu

Shochiku Grand Kabuki

The annual Hamamatsu Performance, Kabuki,
a tradition in Japanese Arts

Jun 5 (Thu), 2014
[Place] Act City Main Hall

sok14_1.jpg Afternoon performance.
[Open] 12:15pm [Start] 1pm
Evening performance.
[Open] 4:45pm [Start] 5:30pm

Both performances enforce simultaneous explanation via earphone guide. ※Japanese language only

Taikou Sanbasou
Shuumei Hiroukoujou
Ippongatana Dohyouiri

Ichikawa Ennosuke, Ichikawa Chusha, Ichikawa Ukon, Kataoka Hidetaro, and others

Synopsis and emphasis
Taikou Sanbasou
The Sanbasou dance is derived from Nou's "Okina" and is one of the main dances in kabuki. As the name states, it resembles the victory dance for when Hideyoshi Taiko had taken down the Osaka castle.

Shuumei Hiroukoujou
In 2012, second generation Kamejiro Ichikawa was succeeded by fourth generation Ennosuke Ichikawa who then passed on the name to ninth generation Ichikawa Chusha. Ennosuke's succeeding of this name was of great importance to the Omodakaya family, where he is to go greet everyone in all locations to celebrate his succession.

Ippongatana Dohyouiri
Mohei Komagata, who had failed to become a sumo wrestler in Edo, receives blessing from Torideshuku's Shakufu Otsuta, and promises once again to train to become a Yokozuna. 10 years later. Mohei, who's appearance had completely changed, returns to Torideshuku to seek Otsuta. But Otsuta fails to remember him. Mohei eventually stands up to ward off Otsuta's husband, Namiichizato Gijyuu and his minions. But Otsuta... This piece is Shin Hasegawa's best piece and is his masterpiece depicting the subtleties of human nature.

An English language explanation is available for today's performance.

Ticket prices
First tier ¥6,500
Second tier ¥5,500
Evening performance Upper balcony (same day reservations) ¥2,000 
Student (same day reservations) ¥1,000
※Evening performance upper balcony seats are discounted tickets permitting viewing of the evening "Prologue" and "ippon Gatana Dohyouiri" only. Guests may expect to enter starting at 6:30pm.
※ Student tickets are limited to students age 24 and under.

Ticket Office
HFC Online Shop (Japanese)
Act City Ticket Center

The general play guide will be on sale
2014 / 4 / 13 sun

★Come to the performance in "Kimono"!
For the evening performance only, guests who come wearing Kimono or Yukata will receive a free program guide (¥1,200 value) and earphone rental (¥700 value).
※Details will be posted here when they are available.

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Inquiries ; Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation tel. 053-451-1114

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