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Kanzanji Sun Beach seine fishing events

Get close to the precious wildlife of Lake Hamana


Kanzanji is located on the eastern bank of Lake Hamana on the western edge of Hamamatsu city and is a well-known hot spring district. However, to the north of the hot springs district, there is a shallow and quiet beach called Kanzanji Sun Beach where you can enjoy bathing in the sea and water sports. Seine fishing events are offered from May to October and are very popular. Seine fishing is a traditional fishing method where a group of fishermen pull in a net hung off the coast from a boat while shouting to synchronize their movements. Fishing not only allows you to observe and get close to the various creatures that live in Lake Hamana.


May 13 (Sun) - October 31 (Wed), 2018
(Except from Jul. 21st - 23rd, 28th - 29th, Aug. 4th - 5th, 11th - 15th)

[Place] Kanzanji Sun Beach
[Rental fee]
20 to 30 people ¥‎85,000 for one net
31 to 50 people ¥‎95,000 for one net ※Please contact us if more than 50 people.
※Hotel guest can get ¥10,000 discounts benefits!
[Application/Contact Information]
■For hotel guests of Kanzanji-onsen, please inquire at your hotel.
■ For other visitors inquire or reserve at: 053-487-0152 Kanzanji Hot Springs Tourism Association (Japanese only)

You can take home fish you caught. BBQ grills/spaces are available at the following sites:
・Beachside clubhouse "Nankaisou" ※Advance reservation necessary 053-489-2410 (Japanese only)
・Nagisaen ※Advance reservation necessary 053-592-1525 (Japanese only)

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