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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu

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gestcom_teressa1Written by Teressa. Friday, February 15th, 2019
Kakegawa Kachouen is one of the best places I have visited around Kakegawa and Hamamatsu area so far.
I saw many different kinds of birds which I have never seen before! There were several birds shows throughout the day, so we were able to enjoy one of the shows. The show was great! We also saw many colorful flowers everywhere inside the facility. All the activities and displays are indoor, so it was very comfortable and easy to work around and we didn't have to worry about either the weather or the temperature.
One of the most interesting parts of my visit is that I can see many kinds and sizes of owls here. I only needed to pay little extra to pat the owl and feed different types of birds such as lovebirds.
I also got the chance to see peacock courtship dance. It was an unforgettable and fun memory! I'd definitely recommend this place to my friends and family!

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gestcom_chuck1Written by Chuck and Garrett. Monday, January 14th, 2019
The Kakegawa Kachouen is awesome! We really loved our time there.
The experience is so unique because the birds are free to fly and roam around the park, so instead of just looking at the birds, we were able to get up really close to them and interact with them for as long as we liked - no time limits! The food for the animals was reasonably priced, so we could feed everyone. There's also a huge variety of birds and fish to see, and gorgeous flowers year round. Although not all the signs have explanations in English, we didn't mind at all because we got to spend loads of time with the actual birds instead. We are definitely going to visit Kakegawa Kachouen again, and recommend it to any animal lovers. Come early in the morning, because there is so much to do here!

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gestcomm_ildiko1Written by Ildiko. Monday, December 3rd, 2018
This tour was extremely fun!The bird was awesome.The owl was great as well as the bucket-flipping bird!
This tour was extremely fun!The bird was awesome.The owl was great as well as the bucket-flipping bird! The bird food was very reasonably priced and the birds eating them were tame.
The items in the gift shop were a little bit expensive but some were within budget like the 1,000yen tote bag.
The emus looked like scary dinosaurs but they were surprisingly kind and gentle. They can even be hand-fed.

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gestcom_joshua1Written by Joshua. Monday, October 15th, 2018
Going to Kakegawa Kachouen was a lot of fun!
There is an entrance fee that covers access to the facility and some attractions. However, there are a couple of attractions that require a little extra (holding a penguin, participating in a hawk flight). The events are spread throughout the day, so you don't have to worry too much about what time you arrive.
I think it is worth the money, and would highly recommend going if you have an interest in birds and flowers. There is also an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, which was very tasty!

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gestcom_rizki1Written by RIZKI. Wednesday, September 26th, 2018
I really love to take my time here because there's so many birds that I can interact with.
All the birds are so friendly, especially the parakeets, they crave so much attention (and for the food that I bought cheaply for them lol). I visited the park so many times, on a sunny day or even rainy day but that doesn't matter because thanks to the big green house, I can enjoy them all. Since I am a muslim, there is also a mushola, a prayer room to use when I need to. The buffet has more than 30 varieties of dishes, with its ingredients shown in pictograms that made it easy to pick what I am going to eat, since I don't eat pork. It's a really nice place for everyone and it's only a short 10min walk from JR Kakegawa Station!

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gestcom_eric1Written by Eric. Monday, August 8th, 2018
Overall the visit of the Kokegawa bird park proved to be an awesome experience.
You don't get the chance to approach owls, hawks and tropical birds so closely every day. It was possible, for a small fee (200 to 500 JPY), to take part in some attractions like petting birds standing on the arm or having another fly through the room to land on your glove. I particularly did enjoy the "photo with the penguin" attraction where the staff would put a penguin on your knees that you could touch and pet and take pictures with. If I could, I would surely visit it again !

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gestcom_jabal1Written by Jabal. Monday, July 19th, 2018
The Kakegawa Kachouen was an epic experience that I think is one of the best on offer in the entire Prefecture!
This place blew away my expectations, not only because of the sheer variety of birds on display, but just how fun and the level of interactiveness it facilitates. There's something for everyone here with birds ranging from cute to weird to majestic to just plain ol' scary (I'm looking at you emu!) with every shape and size in between accounted for. I felt like a little kid again especially when playing with the sun parakeets or feeding the penguins (streamlined torpedoes in the water, but wonderfully waddly and awkward outside of the pond). The park is extremely easy to navigate, and there are structured activities like bird shows ( I highly recommend) or owl handling every half hour or hour for the more fastidious among us. However if you're more laidback like me, you can definitely take your time and enjoy the park at your own leisure (be sure to kick off your shoes and enjoy an impromptu fish pedicure). In short, this park was a wonderful experience at a very reasonable price, that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who visits our lovely Prefecture!

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gestcom_ava1Written by Avah. Monday, June 4th, 2018
I've been to the birdpark 3x before but this time was the most fun.
I was able to feed the penguins, get up close to some greedy sun conure parrots, a stately shoehorn bill and some Jurassic looking emus (these I stayed far from lol).
The bird show featured 2 different types of hawks, an impertinent owl and a 1meter tall secretary bird who uses his legs to kill snakes with moves like Michael Jackson.
I saw many new species in an environment that's much more humane than a zoo. Visit the bird park when you can, it's guaranteed fun!"

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gestcom_arnie1Written by Arnie. Monday, May 14th, 2018
They have a lots of bird species to see!
From Penguins,owls, and even emus!
From all over the globe.
One thing that I was amazed and was curious about is when you touch the back of an owl's neck it was incredibly soft!
Does anyone of you ever touched and owl's neck before?

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