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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu

The 8th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition

November 10 (Sat) - November 24 (Sun), 2012

Hamamatsu, the music city,
opens its world-renowned international piano competition!

Photos show Cho Seong-jin, the first-prize winner of the previous competition.

The Hamamatsu Competition, in a short seven years after its inaugural competition achieved member status in the World Federation of International Music Competitions, establishing its position as an international competition, and is now recognized worldwide as a gateway to success for young pianists.
The 8th competition will be held in November 2012, welcoming 92 pianists from 19 countries around the world.
This year there are a variety of new programs, with not just the competition venue, but also the entire Music City of Hamamatsu involved in the excitement of celebrating this International Piano Competition.

Original sweets
During the period of the competition, concert goers will be able to buy Piano Competition Original "hospitality" sweets at the following stores.

Abondance shop site (Japanese)
hipc2.jpg [Address] 2-14-27 Sumiyoshi, Chūō-ku,
Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka MAP
[Open] 10am - 8pm
[Closed] Tuesdays / 3rd Wednesday of every month.
Petit Piano ¥462
Available 2012/11/9 fri - 25 sun

Ganyuudo More details
hipc3.jpg [Address] 62 Tenmacho, Chūō-ku,
Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka MAP
[Open] 9am - 6pm
[Closed] Wednesday
Sonata ¥525
Available from 2012/10/1 mon

Pâtisserie La Vérité shop site (Japanese)
opera ¥5,500
ordera taken 2012/11/1 thu - 30 fri
Harmonie ¥450
Available for sale from 2012/10/1 mon

[Address] 3-11-14 Ohiradai, Chūō-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka MAP
[Open] 10:00 - 20:00
[Closed] Tuesdays

Liebling Café-Konditorei shop site (Japanese)
Sachertorte ¥998
Available 2012/11/14 wed - 18 sun
Klavier ¥1,890
Available 2012/11/9 fri- 25 sun

[Address] 128-5 Higashimikatabara-cho, Hamana-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka MAP
[Open] 10:00 - 18:30
[Closed] Tuesdays, 1st and 3rd Mondays & Tuesdays

To view more artistic sweets prepared for the competition period,
please visit us at (Japanese) to see the selection of products.
※ Some products are available for purchase as early as 10/1 mon.

Live streaming
The best way to enjoy the competition is to experience the actual performance and the intense atmosphere of the venue. Live streaming is available for those who are not fortunate enough to make it to the competition. The live streaming covers all competition programs from preliminaries to final, as well as the winners' award performance (Hamamatsu Hall).We will also stream the announcements of results for each preliminary and main program round, including the last award ceremony, so please check these out as well.
After the live streaming ends, VOD (Video-on-demand) service for all the same content will be available for those who "missed everything!!" until January 31, 2013. The VOD service is also available on iPhone and android devices.
Even for those who do come to the competition, why not relive the excitement of it once more?

Music for sale
CDs will be offered for sale right after the preliminary performances are over. Experience the excitement of the concert hall by getting your own CD.
CD and data downloads will also be available for purchase at the online store beginning the day following preliminaries. Please visit us there.

Official goods
Official goods are available again this year.
Wouldn't they make for a nice souvenir or memorabilia of the events?


For information about other gift items and more details, please visit: (Japanese)

Held every three years, the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition was started in 1991 when the City commemorated its 80th anniversary, as an international cultural enterprise befitting this city with its rich history and tradition of music and musical instruments.
Please join our city of Hamamatsu, steeped in music tradition and history, to experience a music festival that reaches across borders. May you encounter music that touches your heart, here in this musical city.


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