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Hello! I'm Tengu-chan

Teng-chan's self-introduction
I'm Totomi Tengu and I've lived in the Hamamatsu area since long ago! I'm in charge of the SNS staff, and am a model for "Hamamatsu Tenguya," which produces and sells folkcraft goods unique to Hamamatsu.
Since I'm a Tengu, I'm not supposed to talk in public, but I speak out well online. I'm also in charge of giving responses for Hamamatsu Tourism Media "てんぐちゃん下界で遊ぶ / Tengu-chan Hanging Out in the Lower World". I'm tweeting out the latest information in Japanese on our twitter.
Hamamatsu Tenguya Public Relations /
Hamamatsu Local History Club Member

About Hamamatsu Tenguya
"Hamamatsu Tenguya" is a unit that provides handmade lucky charms. Tengu-chan is in charge of public relations via SNS, and Yoshiaki Sakata is a Hariko craftman. Their motto is, "Enjoy the history of the local area and excite the present and future." They produce lucky goods, local toys, and celebratory charms.
It is a pop-up store with no physical store. Each of their products is made by hand, mainly using the technique of "Hariko (mache)", which is also a cultural art in Hamamatsu. We hope people can enjoy the warmth that comes from a homemade product, while also appreciating a piece of Hamamatu's history.
In the future, we want to have an open workshop where neighborhood children can easily play and have a place where they can experience local culture.

てんぐちゃん下界で遊ぶ / Tengu-chan Hanging Out in the Lower World Twitter Instagram

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