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Darumaichi (Daruma Market)

This is a place where they sell many daruma dolls.

Daruma is a tumbling doll from South India, a figurine toy (okimono) imitating the famous Zen Buddhism founder monk making Zen meditation. This round-shaped toy stands up every time it falls and is a talisman symbolizing "always rise after you fall". Almost everybody knows this toy.
Daruma is also known as a talisman for realization of a great ambition. When somebody makes a wish, they fill in one of the doll's eyes with ink, the other is left blank and after your wish comes true you paint in the other eye.
As the name Darumaichi indicates, this is a place where they sell many daruma dolls.
Basically, a daruma doll is traditionally made of red papier mâché as a charm against the evil. However, lately there have been many made in blue, green, and yellow along with other colorful daruma dolls. (* papier mâché a handicraft made by sticking many pieces of paper the mold, so if it gets dirty you can put out the mold from the inside. It can also be made by sticking paper on some piece of wood or bamboo.)
Daruma is also an object which stores luck. First you must put the smallest daruma in a room. Daruma will become bigger and bigger every year. As the daruma grows, so does the luck that's stored inside. Finally, this luck is used to fulfill a great desire.
January 10 (Wed), 20249am~9pm
Kasai Darumaichi【笠井だるま市】
[Place] Fukurai shrine: Hamamatsu Chūō-ku, Kasai 252 MAP
Darumaichi is opened every year on the 10th of January. It is a tradition that has been held since 1891.Participating has beneficial effect, especially for home safety and business prosperity.

February 10 (Sat) ~ 11 (Sun), 2024
10 sat 8:30am~8pm, 11 sun 8:30am~4pm
Kokuzouson Taisai【虚空蔵尊 大祭】
[Place] Kokuzouson: Hamamatsu, Chūō-ku, Shinbashi-cho 1325-1 MAP
On those days the temple's front road will be a pedestrian paradise with many food stands. It is a festival where you taste the same unchanged old style foods. It is known especially for prayers for school success and academic achievements.
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