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IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide

IN HAMAMATSU.COM Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Visitor Guide Hamamatsu

KATSURAGI Hotel Kitanomaru

A "Modern Castle," with elegance and personality


Our hotel has Wi-Fi in the lobby and in all the rooms.

"Katsuragi Kita no Maru" is located in the rich woodlands of northern Fukuroi City, one of the venues for the Rugby World Cup 2019. The site, which encompasses over 132,000 m2, is secluded by a ring of surrounding trees. After passing under the weeping boughs, a large ornate gate appears in front of you. Beyond that is a vast garden that reflects the colors of the season. This beautiful space, cut off from the rest of the world, was created from the idea that visitors might actually experience a little of what it's like to be a lord or lady. In this way, it really is a "modern castle."
The roof tiles of the building are locally sourced from "Enshu tile," produced in nearby Morimachi. The interior inspiration is "wood," and the woodworking techniques utilized in the construction has been perfected over the years through the production of Yamaha musical instruments. Please enjoy this luxury space, that harmonizes natural beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.
In addition, one of the most prestigious golf courses in Japan, the Katsuragi Golf Club, is located next door so you can enjoy those facilities with your stay as well.
Guest Room
We have a variety of rooms to meet all visitors' needs, from tranquil Western-style rooms to spacious Japanese-style rooms. Rooms with an additional seating area are also ideal for large groups. Forget about your daily stresses and come and relax at our lush property.
Our menu is carefully refined using only fresh, high-quality, and locally sourced ingredients.
We also take great care in our space, creating ambiance through our wine cellar, stocked with much loved labels, and a luxurious, high end restaurant feel that uses black as inspiration.
Even if you are not staying at our property, please feel free to make a reservation at our restaurant.
Three types of hot springs are available: "Yugura,", "Yudono," and "Yuya."
Try relaxing in a natural, open-air bath where you can feel the rising mist and changing of the four seasons on your skin.
The Garden
The garden can be enjoyed through all four seasons, and beautifully harmonizes Japanese architecture and the seasonal foliage. The sun streaming through the leaves and the singing birds further enhance the garden's beauty.
※Even if you are not staying on property, you can stroll freely through the garden.
Audio Lounge
Yamaha's finest models are on display in this Audio Lounge located towards the back of the site. This space could only be created by a master instrument manufacturer such as Yamaha. Listeners can enjoy being immersed in the euphony of a full orchestra.
Anyone staying at the hotel can use it. (advance reservation system)
※Please make your reservation at the hotel front desk.
There are two courses: the unique and easy-going "Ugari Course" that makes use of the topography, and the "Yamana Course" with a mountainous, tactical course layout. The rolling hills spotted with white sands is an enjoyable view to enjoy while you play.
There is also a clubhouse with a restaurant, meeting room and bathroom. You can enjoy your round with complete security.
※The membership system is available, but there are also plans for visitors to use, such as packages including both accomodations and golf.
General Information
Check-in 3pm
Check-out 11am
Parking 100 (Free parking)
Language There are staff who can speak English
(Availability may be limited to certain times)
Capacity 49 rooms
Internet Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms or the lobby.
Address 2505-2 Ugari, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka 437-0121
Telephone 0538-48-6111
Fax 0538-48-6159
Transport From JR Kakegawa Station
★ Pick-up service available from the South Exit of Kakegawa Station (please reserve at least 3 days in advance)
[TAXI] 35 minutes by taxi from the South Exit of JR Kakegawa Station
[CAR] 15 minutes from Tomei Expressway Fukuroi I.C.
5minutes from Shin-Tomei Expressway Mori-Kakegawa I.C.
Miscellaneous Cancellations within 48 hours from reservation will incur a cancellation fee.

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