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Hattasan Festival of Lanterns

Thousands of lanterns create a magical sight

July 9 (Sun), 10 (Mon), 2023
9 (Sun) 4:30am ~ 9pm,
10 (Mon) 8:30am ~ 9pm
At Hattasan, July 10 is known as the most blessed day of the year, and since long ago the 'Festival of Lanterns' has been held on July 9-10 each year. Thousands of lanterns are presented in front of the main temple building, creating a fantastic spectacle that is well worth seeing.
In the area in front of the main temple building, prayers are held to ward off evil spirits from Hozuki City. Those who have finished praying then buy potted hozuki plants, crowding the square. Hozuki is a perennial plant from the nightshade family which produces a red fruit. In Hattasan, where red symbolizes protection against evil, the plants act as a talisman.
Many kinds of typical festival events are held in the temple grounds. You can enjoy entertainment such as dances, a magic show, and Rakugo -- a form of comic storytelling -- as well as delicious local food.
Extra direct buses to Hattasan on July 9-10.
※Buses will run every 30 minutes. If you cannot ride all the buses at once, please take the next bus.
Time may vary depending on road conditions.

ADDRESS 2777 Toyosawa Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka 437-0032
PHONE 0538-43-3601
OPEN 8:30am ~ 4:30pm
CLOSED 12/28~30

TRANSPORT From Hamamatsu Station
[TRAIN] JR Tokaido Main line get off at "AINO" station (25 minutes) then Taxi 10 minutes
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