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Night shrimp fishing (ebisuki)

Catch rare wild shrimp with a net!


You can experience night shrimp fishing (ebisuki) by scooping the shrimp in nets at Lake Hamana. Lake Hamana is a rare saltwater lake, formed where the sea and a natural lake meet. Therefore, abundant nutrients gather and many sea creatures make their home there. Ebisuki fishing takes place during the transition to low tide, when the water of Lake Hamana is flowing outwards to the sea. During this time the shrimp that have grown up in the lake ride the tide out to sea. The fishing method used to catch them has been handed down year by year among the people of Lake Hamana. This is a rare experience in which both children and adults can enjoy the nature of Lake Hamana.
Duration 3 hours
※departure between 7PM and 2AM, depending on the tide
Period May to October
Gathering place Arai fishing harbor
Tour Size 1-30 people
Language Only Japanese
※An interpreter will be available to give an explanation before departure (English, Chinese, and Indonesian)

<1〜3 people> ¥47,000/ per boat
<4 people> ¥50,000/ per boat
<5〜6 people> ¥76,000/ 2 boats
<7 people> ¥79,000/ 2 boats
<8 people> ¥82,000/ 2 boats
※ 1 boat can accommodate up to 4 people
※ Please inquire about groups larger than 9 people

How to reserve Please book at least 7 days before.
Please send the following information to
・Desired Date (see calendar)
・Number of People
・What Language You Speak
・How you can be reached on the day of reservation (cell phone, email, hotel, etc)

Cancellation Charges
7 Days to 4 Days Notice: ¥3,000
3 Days Notice: 30%
2 Days Notice: 50%,
Cancel on the day of the tour or fail to show: 100%

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