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IS industry, Inc. アイエス産業株式会社

You can order a ryokan yukata by email!


IS industry, Inc. is a manufacturer and seller of ryokan yukatas in Hamamatsu city, the capital of yukata production. Ryokan yukatas, while very similar to regular ones, are actually totally different. Regular yukatas are for going out, while ryokan ones are dressing gowns, or pajamas for relaxing inside ryokans/hotels. You may be able to wear them to walk around in hot spring resorts, but not considered suitable to wear outside of the resort area. Ryokan yukatas are made from a strong cotton fabric, and dyed / tailored in a special way to withstand repeated use and washing. Normally, ryokan yukatas aren't sold directly to general consumers, but anyone can buy them from our office/factory. You can buy them individually, mix and matching your favorite yukata and obi, or as a ryokan yukata set that includes everything you need. You can also buy them through the internet and have them delivered to your hotel or pick up at our shop in Hamamatsu city.


We don't stock products at our shop, so please make a reservation three days prior to your visit, so we can prepare for your visit. If you come without a reservation, we may not have products available to sell.


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