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Tenryu Hamanako Railroad 天竜浜名湖鉄道

A route that will take you through an unspoiled Japanese landscape


Commonly known as the Tenhama Line, the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad is a rail line running along the north coast of Lake Hamana from Kakegawa Station (Kakegawa, Shizuoka) to Shinjohara Station (Kosai, Shizuoka) for a total of 67 km and 38 stations. Within Hamamatsu there are 19 stations on the line between Tenryu-Futamata Station and Ona Station. The retro-flavored rail line which retains many vestiges from the time of its 1935 inauguration is still beloved by many and features 36 structures and facilities registered as National Tangible Cultural Properties along the length of its tracks. The charming scenery has been used in many films and television shows.


The trains generally consist of single diesel-powered cars operated by a single person, and most of the stations are unstaffed. Part of the charm is in the famous restaurants and boxed lunches in the station buildings as well as the many sights to see along the railway. Why not go for a leisurely ride on the Tenhama Line and see some of Japan's nostalgic, unspoiled scenery?


Handy tools for enjoying the Tenhama Line!

1.Ticket deals
★One-day free ticket
Elementary ¥850
Adult (Junior high school and up) ¥1,700

※Can be purchased at the following staffed stations:
Kakegawa, Enshu-Mori, Tenryu-Futamata, Nishi-Kajima, Kanasashi, Mikkabi, and Shinjohara

★Tenhama Line + Entetsu common-use free ticket
Elementary ¥730
Adult (Junior high school and up) ¥1,450

※For east and west routes respectively
※Can be purchased at the following staffed stations:
Kakegawa, Enshu-Mori, Tenryu-Futamata, Nishi-Kajima, Kanasashi, Mikkabi,
and Shinjohara, as well as Enshu Railroad staffed stations

★Enshu-Mori Station 9am - 3:30pm
Normal type, 21 bikes (¥300 /day)
No security charge, do not leave bicycle

★Tenryu-Futamata Station 9am - 4pm
Normal type, 5 bikes (Adults: ¥500 /day, Children: ¥300 /day)
Electrically assisted type, 5 bikes (Adults: ¥1,000 /day, Children: ¥600 /day)
Security charge: ¥1,000, do not leave bicycle

★Kiga Station, Mikkabi Station Details for...

How to take the train

When boarding: Board the train at the door in the rear, and if you do not have a ticket then obtain a boarding slip.

When exiting: Put the fare and the ticket or boarding slip in the fare box at the front of the train car and exit at the door in the front.

Registered tangible cultural properties

Old Station Buildings
Kiga station (Photo : 奥浜名湖観光協会)

Left: Enshu-Mori Station/Right: Tenryu-Futamata Station

Tenryu-Futamata Staion

Miyakoda River Bridge

Moving Image of Tenhama Line

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Ona Station
Lake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser LINK 
Mikkabi Station
Orange Picking LINK 
Makayaji LINK
Sunza Station
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Kiga Station
Hosoe shrine Gion festival【Hosoe Shrine】LINK
The Princess Road Procession【Kiga Barrier】LINK
Kiga Area【Kiga Barrier】 LINK 
Kanasashi Station
Ryugashido LINK 
Okuyama Kogen LINK
Fruits Park Station
Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika LINK 
Miyaguchi Station
Hana no Mai Sake Brewing LINK
Soichiro Honda Craftsmanship Center LINK 
Tenryu-futamata Station
Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum LINK
Toutoumi-ichinomiya Station
Okuni Shrine LINK
Harada Station
Kamoso Kachoen LINK
Kakegawa Station
Walking Kakegawa Castle town 【Kakegawa castle】LINK

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