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Japana Souvenirs From Hamamatsu Part 2

(Hamamatsu Festival Edition)

Take home memories of the Hamamatsu Festival!

Hina Kites
These are miniature versions of the large kits flown at the Hamamatsu Festival. These kites are skillfully made by traditional kite makers despite their small size.

Marker: Kaminishi Sumitaya
Sold at
Kamoeya (Japanese)
Hamamatsu Festival Hall
and other shops

Mini Paper Lanterns
These small paper lanterns painted with symbols of Hamamatsu Castle and the festival, like festivals floats and kites can be folded up and stored in a box.

marker: Original product of Kamoeya
Sold at
Kamoeya (Japanese)

Rubber-soled Tabi
This unique traditional Japanese footwear is a regular part of festival-wear. In recent years, the design and performance has drawn attention. Called "ninja shoes", they are also popular with visitors from overseas.

hmno2_3.jpg Sold at
Kamoeya (Japanese)
and festival goods shops

Hamamatsu Festival Live CD
This live recording of the sounds of the Hamamatsu Festival is full of presence. Listening to this CD will bring back memories of the Hamamatsu Festival.

marker: Original product of Kamoeya
Sold at
Kamoeya (Japanese)

Kid's Short-sleeved Coat
They are more affordable than the adult version. They are equally good as souvenirs for kids or hung on a wall like a tapestry.

hmno2_5.jpg Sold at
Kamoeya (Japanese)
and festival goods shops

Belt Pouches
These small pouches are meant to be worn with a kimono sash, but they can be worn with a belt as well. Some are made with the same material used for the short-sleeved coats.

Sold at Kamoeya (Japanese) and festival goods shops

Shussejo and Tenjingura Beer Hamamatsu Festival labels (April only)
From Hamamatsu Shuzo, a brewer with a tradition going back to its 1871 founding, leading sake Shussejo and high-quality microbrew Tenjingura Beer will go on sale bearing limited edition Hamamatsu Festival labels.

They will be sold at Hamamatsu Shuzo's Tenjingura, Entetsu Department Store, May-One Ekimachi West in Hamamatsu Station, and supermarkets across the city. (Tenjingura Beer requires refrigeration.)

Castella Rusk Tako Tako Agare
A rusk made by taking a castella (sponge cake) made with local ingredients and slowly baking it again in an oven. With the faint fragrance of Mikkabi mandarin oranges, the rusk evokes images of the big kites at Hamamatsu Festival.

hmno2_8.jpg Sold at
Takoman (Japanese)
Hamamatsu Station
and other locations.

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