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Japan Fig Picking


Hosoe-cho which is located in Kita-ku of Hamamatsu city is just as famous as Mikkabi-cho for orange produce. The Kato farm grows sweetened flavor figs which is a rare variety in this area. The taste organically grown and free of pesticide is sweet and rich like jam. At "Wagaya (a multipurpose use room)" connected to the farm, they serve meals using freshly harvested vegetables for groups of 5 or more people with a reservation.

Kato Noen [加藤農園]

ADDRESS 7022-7 Nakagawa, Hosoe-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
PHONE 090-3956-3794 (Japanese only)
OPEN Everyday from September - late October / From sunrise to sunset
CLOSED Irregular holidays

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According to the amounts picked ¥500 per 1pack(300 grams)

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