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Hamamatsu⇔Centrair Airport Bus e-wing


Comfortable transportation with no transfers,

Japan's buses are clean .



The Entetsu Bus e-wing is convenient for transportation between Chubu Centrair International Airport and Hamamatsu city. Bus destinations, apart from Hamamatsu, are Iwata and Kakegawa. There are a few bus stops along the way. The bus terminal at the airport is easy to find, and there are also guides. Japanese buses are clean and are used by men and women of all ages.





Inside the bus




"Destination" and "next stop" information is shown in Japanese and English on the electronic display at the front of the bus. Announcements are also made in the order of Japanese and then English. The interior varies according to the type of bus, but all vehicles are clean inside.




There is a place to store your luggage at the front of the bus and an overhead rack above the seats, so please use these for small luggage. Information about large luggage can be found below. 




The guides placed in the pockets in front of the seats are, "Request for wearing seat belts" and "Luggage regulations"



Wearing seat belts on the bus is mandatory according to Japanese traffic law!

You must fasten your seatbelt.There are no lavatories on any of the vehicles.

Please use the lavatory before getting on the bus.  There are no lavatories near the bus terminal.

Please use the lavatory in the Access Plaza on the upper floor.



Where is  the bus terminal in Centrair International Airport




Follow the direction board, go through the passageway, and head towards the Access Plaza where the bus terminal is




Arrive at the Access Plaza. There is an information counter at the center. Please visit here if you get lost!



Ticket machines only accept cash. We advise you to exchange your money at the foreign currency exchange located at the end of the Access Plaza!Your direction should be towards the right, at the first corner!





Take the elevator or escalator here to go to the first floor where the bus terminal is.





How to buy a ticket




There is a ticket machine at the center of the bus terminal. The ticket machines have English instructions so please follow it and purchase your ticket. Ticket machines only accept cash. You can exchange your money into Yen at the Access Plaza or the Arrival lobby.



How to get on the bus (When heading from Centrair Airport)




There is a guide line drawn at the bus stop, so line up at the Hamamatsu line .




The destination is shown on the sides, front and back of the bus.




As it gets closer to departure time, the e-wing staff and bus crew will load your luggage and confirm your destination. Hand your ticket to the bus crew, and board from the door at the front of the bus. The bus crew will check your destination when you board and there is no need to alert using a chime button when getting off the bus.


How to check your luggage onto the bus




Tags will be attached to your luggage, and you will be given a ticket stub. The staff will load your luggage. They will also unload when you get off the bus. When you get off, please hand the stub of the tag to the staff or bus crew. You can trust them with your luggage.



There are restrictions to luggage which can be checked.

The maximum length of each bag is 2meters,and 2piece of baggage with a weight of30kg each are allowed.




[For details] http://bus.entetsu.co.jp/service/highway/index.html




We advise to use the delivery service within the airport for luggage which exceeds the restrictions above.





This is a delivery service which sends your luggage to and from airports. For people who would like to send their luggage to the airport, please receive your luggage at the delivery counter in the Departure lobby on the third floor. For people who would like to send their luggage to their homes or destination, please send your luggage from the delivery counter in the Arrival lobby on the second floor.





Address of delivery, telephone number information is necessary! 

You cannot check fragile and valuable items!


We can also deliver long board




■Other recommended services!

○For people who are traveling from or to cold places, you can check large coats. You can travel lightly!

○We also have rental services for cellular phones. If you have your passport and credit card, you can rent one at the spot!


[For details]  http://www.jalabc.com/english/index.html







Time Table

Heading for Hamamatsu


Heading for Centrair International Airport 





Buses may be delayed depending on traffic conditions and weather. We do not take any responsibility for problems caused by the delay of buses so we ask for your understanding. Please board buses upon careful confirmation of traffic conditions, and choose buses so that you have enough time before boarding. 



Fare ( 〜 2014/3/31 )


There are other bus stops along the way from Centrair to Hamamatsu.

There are also buses to Iwata, Fukuroi, and Kakegawa.

Fare ( 2014/4/1 〜 )


There are other bus stops along the way from Centrair to Hamamatsu.

There are also buses to Iwata, Fukuroi, and Kakegawa.


[For details]   http://bus.entetsu.co.jp/service/highway/centrair090604.html#30





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