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Hamamatsu Postal Services

Post offices in Japan are identified with a 〒 symbol. Post boxes are red and marked with the same 〒 symbol, and can be found everywhere around town. You can also buy stamps and postcards at shops and convenience stores with the 〒 symbol. You can withdraw cash from a Japan Post Bank ATM with a foreign credit card.


■ Domestic letter Mail Rates for Standard-sized Mail from Japan


■ International Air Mail Rates for Standard-sized Mail from Japan


■ Size


「For details」 http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html

■ Business hours


 In Hamamatsu city there are a lot of other post offices. Please note that business hours vary by branch.

Hamamatsu(Main) Post office

8-1 Asahi-cho,Hamamatsu City,Shizuoka.Japan

Act city Post office

Act Tower1f 111-2 Itayamachi,Hamamatsu City,Shizuoka.Japan

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