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Servitu セルヴィツー

The restaurant & import food shop where you can freely enjoy Brazilian cuisine


Servitu is a Brazilian restaurant & import shop which is located about a three minute walk away from the south exit of Hamamatsu station.
We recommend the lunch buffet(11am-when the foods are over)where you can choose a daily special of Brazilian homemade cuisine, along with a salad bar , Brazilian sweets, coffee, Mate tea, rice, and Feijao (cooked beans) as much as you want.
It's only 1,000 yen for 60 minutes for weekday lunch time from 11am to 3pm! (1,500 yen on Sat. & Sun, Public holidays.)
You can have delicious Brazilian cuisine for a reasonable price until you become full. We also recommend the 3,000 yen course where you can have all you can eat churrasco on top of all the above.
※Please try not to leave food unfinished at the buffet.


Menu / Price
Lunch buffet Weekday lunch time: 11am-3pm ¥1,000
Lunch buffet Sat, Sun, holiday, Weekday after lunch time ¥1,500
Churrasco buffet ¥3,000
All-you-can-drink churrasco buffet ¥5000
Hamburger&Sandwich ¥300 -
Lunch box(takeout also available) ¥550 -


Servitu food shop : The shop where you can buy multinational foods and day-to-day goods

Official site http://servitu2013.jimdo.com/ (Japanese)

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