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Beer House Tir na n-Og ビアハウス ティルナノーグ

Hamamatsu's only beer house specializing in Baird Beer

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Located within walking distance of Hamamatsu Station, Tir na n-Og is a beer house where you can enjoy beer fresh from the cask delivered straight from the brewery. Baird Beer is a small-scale brewery in Numazu, Shizuoka that carefully and passionately crafts unique beers emphasizing good flavor.
The interior is a comfortable space full of warmth which was designed by a carpenter who provided fine woodwork including the hand-carved wooden sign hanging at the entrance, a large counter-style table made of solid timber, and the row of taps that symbolize the establishment.
They have no table charge and operate on a cash on delivery system. Moreover, customers should feel no hesitation to visit alone. Another nice thing about Tir na n-Og is that they open at 3:00 p.m. on weekends.



Rising Sun Pale Ale (alcohol: 5.2%)
Numazu Lager (alcohol: 5.2%)
Red Rose Amber Ale (alcohol: 5.5%)
Teikoku IPA (alcohol: 6.0%)
Suruga Bay Imperial IPA (alcohol: 7.5%)

Artisan sausage platter (Ooishi Farm Ham Koubou in Kakegawa)
Peanuts & pretzels (as many plates as you like)

http://tirnanogbeer.webcrow.jp/index_en.html (Japanese)

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