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Meijiya Shoyu

Experience Japanese food culture
and make your very own bottle of soy sauce at Meijiya soy factory.


Meijiya Shoyu was established in the 8th year of the Meiji era (1875), and its technique has been closely protected as it has passed down the generations of this family run company.
Soy sauce is made by squeezing the "moromi" which is the matured mixture of "Kouji"- Japans national fungus, and salt water then the temperature is controlled throughout the year so that it can be shipped within half a year. Traditonal brewing methods involves waiting until moromi has matured through the heat of summer and cold of winter. The soy sauce is then carefully squeezed from moromi that has matured anywhere from a year and half to three years, that determines how rich the flavor will be.


You can get a glimpse of the history and method by taking a tour inside the Meijiya with its wooden structure and massive vats that look like something from a bygone era nothing has changed much since the Meiji era. The tour explains the production process, equipment, machines and materials which are indispensable for making soy sauce, providing you with deeper knowledge about soy sauce and its integral role in Japanese food culture.
The 7th generation master has made special workshop presses so you can try your hand at squeezing moromi, straining then filtering and capping your own bottle of soy sauce to take home with you and enjoy the fresh taste of your own artisan sauce with your sashimi at home.

What to do (The required time) Target Capacity Admission
Factory tour(60min) No limit 〜20 people Free
soy sauce squeezing(60min) Over 11 years old 〜10 people
Making Miso experience(60min) Over 11 years old 〜6 people

※You can take one fresh bottle (200ml) of soy sauce home when you do soy sauce squeezing.
※The amount of Miso is about 1kg when you do making Miso experience.

《 The date of activity 》
Monday through Saturday (except New Year's holiday, Golden week, summer holiday and so on)

《 How to make a reservation 》
Reservations are to be made one month prior to the date of the tour in either way.

TEL:053-586-2053(Japanese Only)
FAX:053-586-2117(Japanese Only)
Reception hours:Weekday 10am - 6pm/Saturday 10am - 4:30pm

One thing that might ruin it though it nutto! who would have thought?
so please don't eat natto for breakfast on that day. This is to protect the koji-mould which is indispensable for making soy sauce.


What makes Meijiya soy sauce so unique is that their soybeans and wheat used for making the products, althoughwidely grown all over Japan, Meijiya's "Kuradashi" soy sauce is produced by tea soybean and wheat grown on their own farm. The characteristic is a mild taste, natural thickness and richness. (a limited product available in summer and winter.) The shop located in the factory with its nod to a Meija era interior offers a wide variety of soy sauce, various table sauces, miso and even Ice cream made from soy sauce, miso, and salted rice molt, this is a must for any lover of Japanese food and traditional methods.

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2276 Komatsu, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi
Weekday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 4:30pm
Sun, Holiday

From Hamamatsu Station
Enshu Train "Enshu Komatsu" station then walk 10 minutes
Around 40 minutes