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Tsuinashiki 追儺式 / ついなしき

A traditional ceremony continued since the Heian Period

2017 / 2 / 2 thu 6pm -
[Place] Hamamatsu Hachimangu
2 Hachiman-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsushi, Shizuoka, Japan MAP


At Hachimangu Shrine in Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, the Tsuinashiki is held on February 2nd every year. This ceremony, in which an embodiment of the gods called the housoushi drives out evil spirits that bring misfortune, was adopted from China, and as a reproduction of the ritual performed imperial court in the Heian Period, it is the basis of the modern day Setsubun.

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Hamamatsu Hachimangu Shrine is located near the center of Hamamatsu City, but it has grounds with plentiful greenery. On the day of the ceremony, the grounds are lit with torches everywhere, and the main path is lined with stalls.


The Tsuinashiki begins with a Shinto ritual, following which red, blue, and yellow oni appear, rampaging through the grounds swinging around metal clubs.


The housoushi and the children supporting him, played by local children, chase the oni around the shrine grounds and drive them away. The housoushi is armed with a trident and shield, and wears a four-eyed mask and a red costume.


Finally, a character representing an Imperial messenger fires an arrow called the tsuina from the top of the shrine into the grounds. This arrow drives away evil spirits, so the spectators bustle about the grounds trying to find it and pick it up.

It's going to be cold at night, so please dress warmly!!


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