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Tentengo Shibukawa てんてんゴーしぶ川

Hands on nature facility surrounded by the mountain of Lake Oku-Hamana.


Tentengo Shibukawa is a facility where you can enjoy outdoor experiences while surrounded by nature. There is an auto-camping site with a spectacular view, rental cottages/bungalows for your overnight stays as well as a restaurant, barbecue area, and a full-scale motorcycle trial course. At the restaurant "Tenten Shokudo", you can enjoy feasting on different foods of the mountain such as wild boar pot (for a limited time only) or cooked mushrooms that you personally pick from the designated mushroom picking area. There are plenty of activities for both kids and adults to enjoy throughout the year such as playing in the river, exploring nature, and viewing the beauty of the evening sky and stars.


http://www.tentengo.jp/ (Japanese)

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