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Quick Hamana クイック浜名

gesture.jpgWe speak only Japanese,
but we will try our best to provide you with a great experience.

Go empty handed! No driver's license necessary!
You can experience full-scale motorsports here.


Quick Hamana is a rental cart ground where you can experience the thrill of motorsports. You can rent equipment such as helmets or gloves, for free. Because you also do not need a driver's license, you can stop by and enjoy yourself while you are traveling throughout Japan. Anyone from kids to adults over 140 centimeters can ride alone, but those between 100 and 140 centimeters must ride with another occupant.


Clothing that can be caught in the cart during driving is prohibited.
You must wear sneakers/sports shoes, not sandals. (Rental of sports shoes is available for free)
Expectant mothers and person under the influence of alcohol are prohibited.

Five laps ¥2,500
Trial pack (Three laps plus five laps) including a facemask ※500 yen discount for women and kids (under junior high age) ¥3,800
Three laps for double riding ¥2,000
※Member price will be applied. Please refer to our Homepage to find the detail.
※A face mask is required to rent a helmet (Extra ¥300).


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